• By Nhat Quan
    Usually, people often say:
    - Forms are born from the mind, forms also disappear from the mind.
    Buddhism believes that:
    - A good mind gives birth to a good appearance
    Saying so is to remind you always to cultivate good deeds, and to have a good mind. When the mind is healed, good signs will appear on the outside. It is true that when you do not have a noble and good heart, unhealthy habits like before will gradually form in your life without control. It shows psychological problems, personality, thinking... that are not very good. From there, each of you behaves differently in different ways. More deeply, according to Buddhist teachings, it is called Karma. According to the Avatamsaka Sutra, the Buddha taught:
    - Everything is created by the mind.
    Therefore, when you know about bad habits, you should correct them, and when you can correct them, everything becomes good. That is because of good karma, you will enjoy good results. Many people who do not know this profound thing consider it luck. The concept of luck is simply a mystery that humans cannot explain. However, the truth about a person who is considered lucky in life is that one moment of luck can bring you success equal to years of hard work, or sometimes an unexpected incident can also turn you into success and change your life for the better. Some people wear necklaces, bracelets, rings, or red clothes for good luck. Some believe they must pray to the Almighty for protection to avoid bad luck.
    What you call luck is not mysterious, nor is there anything inexplicable, because according to Buddhist teachings, it is simply one thing: There is no powerful being who gives for you, but that is simply created by you. In this spirit, each of you needs to demonstrate:
    1- Public spirit
    That means lucky people always build and maintain a lucky life, through which they expand their relationships with outside society. Lucky people tend to want to attract others. They smile more, make more eye contact, and use more natural language and body language. This helps them gain a certain attraction to the other person, helping them expand their relationships inside and outside of work. You can easily see that a lucky person always has a very good relationship with the people around him, colleagues and family than others.
    2- Positive thinking & action
    Being considered lucky means you have positive thoughts and actions. This will make you more likely to notice opportunities. One surprising thing is that the group of unlucky people often miss many lucky opportunities, whereas the group of lucky people easily discovers and thoroughly pursues them. According to Venerable Master's experience, it also shows that lucky people tend to enjoy life and they always have unique ways to reduce stress. With a positive and relaxing lifestyle, luck comes naturally to them.
    3- The spirit of continuous progress
    Another characteristic of lucky people is that you always want to diversify your life. You love experiencing new things, enjoying strange foods, and changing your work arrangements. Openness and not being afraid of change are the keys to helping you open the door to welcome luck. New things will bring a fresh breeze to your life, help you balance your life as well, and have luck to motivate you to continue.
    4- Trust your intuition
    Lucky people are often confident in following their intuition.
    - As a lucky person, you often listen to your intuition and hunches, always aiming for certain success. While unlucky people tend to deny their true feelings and have a defeatist mentality. Lucky people always do everything to help your body and mind relax as much as possible.
    5- Believe firmly
    As a lucky person, you always believe that everything will be lucky, because your expectations have a great influence on the way you think, feel, and act. In addition, lucky people always live with beautiful, positive thoughts. This encourages you to try to survive, even in the face of adversity, especially overcoming all difficulties to achieve success.
    6- Always look forward
    Being a lucky person always finds the positive side of every problem, which makes you not discouraged by any adversity. However, lucky people sometimes also encounter awkward situations, but instead of thinking negatively about it, you have an uncanny ability to transform negative events into something positive extreme and leads to success.
    For example, when a bad event happens unexpectedly, lucky people will think that it could have been worse, but the event was not that bad, which means it was still good. It is this optimism that makes you feel good about yourself and your life. In addition, when bad things happen, lucky people tend to see it as a lesson learned, looking at it positively so that they can make better changes next time.
    There is a two-way relationship between mood and memory:
    - If unlucky people only ruminate about something bad that happened, this will surround them and make them drown in that negative world.
    Lucky people will do the opposite:
    - They focus on the good things that have happened, making them feel happy and lucky.
    Lucky people are always grateful for the things that have happened in their lives, with a peaceful mood and positive thinking, luck will follow luck.
    When you always appear to be a lucky person, then you will have signs of good fortune. There are nine signs that you're about to get rich. So if you encounter one of the eight signs below, prepare mentally because fortune is about to come to you. Some things happen in your daily life, but perhaps you have never noticed the signs that let you know that you are about to get lucky:
    1- Bats nest in the house
    This is one of the strongest signs predicting that your family will have luck in money and financial matters. For the Chinese, the bat is a symbol of abundant wealth. You often see circular patterns of five bats called Five Fu which is a very common design feature found on furniture, paintings, and ceramics. Because they believe that bats only nest in the most auspicious places because bats can smell places with good air. If bats fly to and nest under your eaves, this signals joy and luck coming your way.
    2- Some people give money on lucky days
    It is a sure sign that you will have a significant increase in money. Lucky days are the days that suit your age. This date can be found in the perpetual calendar. Make sure you keep cash with you that day, as it is considered a lucky coin.
    Money can be delivered to you in many ways. It could be someone for you or someone who brings you good news that is of great benefit to your project or work.
    3- Having bird shit fall on your head
    Many people believe that this is a major sign of wealth coming from heaven. Although it is truly horrible and a great inconvenience when this happens to you. Most things related to poultry tend to bring good luck, such as when birds fly into your home, and start nesting in and around your house. While bats bring abundance, birds bring good news and good opportunities.
    4- Meet a snake
    Meeting a snake is also a sign of luck. If you encounter a snake in your garden, inside the house, or out on the street, it means that something or someone important will intervene in your life, also known as having a Gentleman to help. Never try to harm, or kill a snake when faced with it. Whatever you do, never kill a snake as it is linked to certain spiritual aspects. It often hides on its own when it becomes aware of human presence.
    5- When your hands feel throbbing
    That's a sure sign that money is coming your way! According to general belief, when your left hand vibrates, you may be about to win the lottery or have unexpected money. If your right-hand shakes, you will have money that you make. And conversely, if your right palm is itchy, you're about to spend quite a bit. And if your left palm begins to itch, then you are about to have great joy or windfall.
    6- The movement of both ears.
    Many people believe it means someone is talking about you. If it is the left ear, it means whoever is talking about you is saying good things. If it is the right ear, it means saying bad things. And there's an idea that goes along with this phenomenon that if you can think of the right person talking about you, then naturally your ears will no longer numb, hot, or red. Please try to verify this!
    7- Butterflies fly into the house
    This is usually interpreted as saying you are about to get some important clients:
    - If the butterfly has a bright color, it means that the person will bring good news related to everyone's love.
    - If the butterfly is gray almost black the person will bring you good news related to your career or business.
    Never chase butterflies out of your home. Because it almost always brings good news. Don't try to catch it, as accidentally killing a butterfly can reduce your luck.
    8- The dog ran into the house
    When someone brings you a dog as a gift, or if a stray dog comes to your house, welcome it into your home because it is a good omen.
    It is said that a dog entering your home is a very favorable sign, as you will have a loyal and sincere friend entering your life, helping you overcome life's obstacles:
    - Black dogs bring wealth and protection.
    - Yellow dogs bring prosperity and happiness to children
    - White dogs bring love from everyone.
    Just now I introduced to you some good luck from a kind heart that will reap good results or signs that will reap good results. Now let me introduce to you some unfortunate details where dishonest thinking and actions will lead to bad karma.
    Many people often complain that they don't understand why their money keeps slipping away. Making money is very difficult. In addition to the issues of Destiny and Feng Shui, there are also some quite small habits and movements that increase your wealth-breaking personality or indicate whether you will live a long or short life.
    1- When walking, head forward:
    When you walk with your head tilted forward and your face in front of your feet, it shows that you have a hasty and careless personality. Financial issues cannot be unstable too quickly. If you are in a hurry, you will lose a lot if you earn a lot, if you earn a little you will lose a little.
    2- Vibration of legs and thighs:
    When lying or sitting, you often shake your legs and thighs, showing an unstable mentality. Therefore, this person is quite poor at handling financial matters, so making money is slow and difficult.
    3- Sigh and spit:
    Often when you have nothing to do, you sigh, and for no reason you spit, these are actions that lead to the destruction of assets. Eastern people attach great importance to cultivating vitality and vitality, so sighing and spitting waste Qi and Essence. When one's vitality is depleted, divine power also becomes dark, and money naturally disappears.
    4- Frowning:
    Every time you have difficulty in business, you often frown to think and calculate, it also makes your face look hard and sad. If you usually have this facial expression, it will be difficult for your partners to do business with you. Money is naturally difficult.
    5- Floss your teeth without covering your mouth:
    When you floss your teeth without covering your mouth, not only does it show poor politeness and poor hygiene, but you also have a poor sense of defense. This is an opportunity for the gods of poverty to come looking for you.
    6- Squatting to eat:
    This movement is rarely seen in normal people but is common in manual workers doing rushed work. It shows a hasty, unsightly mood. In addition, in this position, the absorption of food and drinks is also difficult, leading to deterioration of health... naturally, the money earned is also lost.
    7- Often cursing or insulting people
    In the human world there is a saying:
    - When the weather naturally changes, two phenomena occur: If there is no wind, then it rains.
    People who have abnormal phenomena also have two phenomena: If they don't get sick, they die.
    People, even from young men, and young women to old men and women, who are lovely, virtuous people..., suddenly become upset, scolding this person, shouting at that person, cursing at their neighbors, If you apply it to the world, it means you are about to get Sick or Die. But if these people are business people, it is a phenomenon of poverty, bankruptcy, and unemployment. On the contrary, people who are upset yell at this person, curse at that person, and insult that person. That means changing your personality and becoming a kind person is also in the case of death if you don't get sick. If you don't get sick or die, it's also a phenomenon of unemployment and loss of business.
    In short, it is difficult to live a human life, but it is even more difficult to meet Buddha Dharma and know how to cultivate your mind and nurture your nature. In this life, all the ups and downs have their reasons, but if you have to choose a path to follow, you should choose good karma. Because cultivating a good cause will reap good results. Let me tell you the story:
    - In the Theravada Buddhist tradition, there was a Venerable named Sivali. Currently, Southern Buddhism worships Venerable Sivali as a symbol of fortune. This is an enlightened monk. He had the good fortune to receive generous offerings from Buddhists from all over the world, always having plenty, even without begging for alms. Someone told the World-Honored One, what kind of practice did Venerable Sivali practice that had such great benefits? The Buddha entered samadhi and saw Sivali's previous life and he recounted that many lives ago Sivali was a businessman who went to a banquet and ate and drank very much. After attending the party, on the way back he saw a mother dog giving birth to four puppies lying on the side of the road. The mother dog is hungry has mange and is almost reduced to skin and bones. The mother dog's body is not enough to survive, so how can she have milk to feed her babies? He thought, what should I give as alms? Dogs can't use money, and dogs can't use the gold ring on their hand. So he thought of a way to give alms, which was to dig out his throat to vomit out the food he had eaten from morning until now to feed the dog. Vomiting was so bad that Sivali felt sick. Thanks to that, the mother dog has meals to feed her cubs.
    Mr. Sivali's conduct only helped the mother dog and her puppies survive the critical situation. This teaches you to extend the monastic heart to all living things, even animals. Thanks to that blessing, Sivali became a rich man for many generations, and many lifetimes and then met the Three Jewels to practice and attain sravaka status, continuing to enjoy blessings.
    If you have to choose, you should choose the path of following in the footsteps of Venerable Sivali.
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