• By Nhat Quan
    In the last days of the year, everything becomes more and more bustling with the cycle of life. Seattle city in the last days of the year, the weather will be cold because of the distant rain rushing in. The weather suddenly seemed to be mixed with a little romantic spice from this sudden cold... Warm coats appeared on the streets, a sign of the last days of the year. The highlands with thousands of colors.
    The last days of the year are also the days that bring the most emotions to people. The hustle and bustle of the year coming to an end, mixed with the bustling joy of welcoming a new year, makes everyone feel indescribably excited. Everyone feels they need to be loved, peaceful, and happy, and need to share, and contribute more to this life.
    No matter what you do, at least the last 3 or 2 days of the year you should not be busy, not worried, and just want to be peaceful and happy. You should not force yourself into vicious cycles, comparing, calculating, and wondering in a busy life, between giving and receiving. If your heart is like that, you will see love everywhere you look. Love in the eyes, in the tight grip of hands, in the gentle but warm hugs of friends and relatives... There is a question. In impermanent life, everything changes when it increases and decreases, and when it decreases and increases, but there is one thing that only increases without decreasing, what is that?
    - Those are the years, and the age of people.
    Indeed, time waits for no one, but every minute that passes, every moment in your life has the right to keep something for you in your memory. Therefore, you should not regret anything without smiling at each other, you should not regret anything without sharing a little warmth with those near you. Because the lives of those around you are already wonderful, nothing in life can be better.
    In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially in the last days of the year. Before the new year, you always wish for good things to come to you, your family, your relatives, and the locality where you live.... I hope that peace will spread on all your paths. So if you want a peaceful new year, what you should do on the last day of the year is:
    1- Summarize the old year
    After a year of hard work and striving in life, this is the time for you to look back at what you have accomplished in the past year. Have you accomplished the goals you set? If not, what is the cause? What could you have done better?...
    2- Make plans for the new year
    After summarizing what happened during the year, don't forget to make plans for the new year. What are your goals, new plans for life and work, and specific plans for implementation?
    3- Thank those who have helped you in the past year
    During the past year, there have been people who have helped you a lot in work and life. So don't forget to thank them, or send an email to wish them a lucky, successful, and happy new year.
    4- Complete unfinished tasks
    The end of the year is the time to complete a lot of reports and tasks. If any task is unfinished, try to do it before the deadline.
    And there are 4 things you need to do now to make the last days of the year memorable.
    Are you ready to implement the bullet points below to welcome a memorable and meaningful new year?
    1- About yourself
    Tet holiday is a precious time of year when you can escape from study and work and relax with family and friends. Therefore, the most important thing is to renew yourself to prepare for a memorable Tet. Surely no one wants to be too sloppy in front of guests coming to your house during Tet. Or if your friends only meet once a year, you should not let your friends sing the chorus:
    - No wonder you're still like this.
    So, from now on, plan your Tet shopping. Set aside a small amount of money to buy clothes and shoes. Try changing your simple everyday style with a few highlights in the way you dress, or simply change your hairstyle to look more beautiful. You will see that you are very different and have more spirit to welcome the new year.
    2- Clean and decorate the house
    Of course, this is an indispensable job during Tet. But don't think it's a mandatory procedure. Start your day off, clean, decorate the house, buying some vases of flowers, or buy a small peach branch.
    If you think about it, the happiest days are the days leading up to Tet. The busy atmosphere of people and houses preparing to welcome the new year makes you more excited.
    3- Things to do for the new year
    Welcoming the new year is also the time for you to prepare for new trips and new goals to achieve. Looking back at what has passed during the year is also a way for you to review yourself and look forward to a brighter new year. Prepare yourself mentally and relax your mind to start a new year, with new hopes and new successes.
    So before it's too late, you can try to make a plan to start with a small cafe, a fashion store, or a grocery store that suits your interests and passions. Start planning today, get out of your comfort zone and daily barriers, to start doing something that you think is worth doing and worth trying.
    4- Renew the relationship
    If you have a few friends who are close and understand each other but haven't seen each other for a long time. The coming of New Year and Tet is an opportunity to renew friendships. Ladies, you can immediately make a shopping appointment for Tet. Guys can invite each other out onto the street, sip a cool beer, and blend in with the vibrant spring atmosphere on every street corner.
    In particular, the upcoming New Year not only brings countless majestic festivals but also changes of clothes to decorate the city to welcome Spring, creating a playground for young people to come closer together.
    At the end of December, the cold is blowing, and the silver-gray sky seems to be higher, ready to change to a new color tomorrow. Winter wanders leisurely on the last part of the journey. Because coming and going is an eternal law, winter does not bother to linger in the human world. Amid the hustle and bustle of life, give yourself a feeling of indifference and let go to go through the last days of the year gently. But for those who have full confidence, where can they get rid of all their feelings? But don't worry, winter will pass, spring will come, the passage of time reduces the years and months, and is also the story of human life.
    In short, spring has not yet arrived, but outside there is a buzz calling for the new season, I was startled out of my confusion. Roll up an old calendar but can't roll up the years that pass through a person's life. But no matter what, the end of the year is the time for you to prepare for a better and more successful new year. Wishing all peace in life, for all dear Buddhists throughout the universe.
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