By Nhat Quan
In life, there will be times when you feel a lack of faith, a lack of certainty before a certain thing, which prevents you from promoting your available abilities. Maybe right now, you have not figured out what faith is, where, and how it arises.
So, what is belief?
- Belief is the filter, selecting information and guiding you in every action.
Belief is a feeling of certainty about something. As you say that you cultivate to become a Buddha in the future, it means that you will definitely become a Buddha in the future.
This sense of certainty allows you to unleash the energies that enable you to produce intelligent results, as well as the ability to become a Buddha. You all have the answers to most things in your own place, or at least you can find the answers you need from others. On the contrary, if you lack confidence, lack of certainty, you will not be able to use the abilities that are available to you.
- Trust is something you can build through principle: Your thoughts and actions.
When repeated often, you will believe what the thought is repeated, no matter what you think is true or not. And what you do is right or not right.
And sometimes:
- Belief is simply believing what others say, sometimes you yourself do not fully understand what the other person is saying and doing, but your heart still convinces you to believe it because you think it is the right thing to do that is true and believable. That's all.
Where to find faith?
You can find faith in your surroundings and faith in your life. First of all:
1- Ambient environment
There are many factors that influence and form a person's beliefs, in which the surrounding environment has the greatest impact. You will feel defeated if everything around you is just failure and despair. It is very difficult for you to form mental images that help you to achieve success. On the contrary, if you are surrounded by confident, determined people, you will feel stronger than usual, and you will have faith that you will definitely succeed.
2- Faith in Life:
Events, big or small, support beliefs. In everyone's life, there are unforgettable events. For example, a breakup in a marriage that causes an insider to lose faith in family happiness, or a person experiencing a business failure can make them feel less confident in success. Here are some aspects of your life that can give you confidence:
* Belief from understanding
Belief from knowledge is direct experience. There are many different ways to acquire knowledge such as: Reading books, watching movies, researching and learning, and experiencing real life and the people around you.
* Belief from achievements:
The surest way to build trust is to try something for once. Only when you take action and create results, then you have the basis to form your beliefs and abilities.
* Belief in the right choice
Imagine future success. Another way to create trust is to imagine what you will achieve in the future. Try to imagine you will become a Buddha, a Bodhisattva, a businessman, an excellent leader in the future. That was amazing! That will motivate you to take action now.
Because when you have chosen for yourself a goal, and begin to work towards that goal, the source of self-power begins to arise. Just like that, if you do it every day, your own energy will increase, and one day you will achieve your goal. That's why the ancients used to say:
- Although the road is far, when you are determined to go, the day will come. So the most important step is the first step.
So the power of faith is real.
Indeed, you can calmly comment:
- Why are some people able to achieve so much success in life?
- Why are some people able to achieve extraordinary results that go beyond what is expected?
- Is it because they are more talented, sensitive, and capable than people?
- Do they have better conditions than others?
Not so, what distinguishes successful people from the average person is that they have a strong belief in what they do. This belief gave them the strength to fight bravely, and ultimately succeed. So when you have faith, first of all:
1- Belief helps you open the door to success.
When you don't have faith, you won't be able to do what you want to do. You can't stand in front of a crowd and talk about an issue you're passionate about, even though there's no good reason for you to be terrified. And you need to overcome these disadvantages in thinking. So, when you believe something to be true, you actually have a state of total confidence in what you think is right. Because faith is the most powerful source of energy in creating good things in life. On the contrary, limiting beliefs will also make you destructive to action. Beliefs that bring about an energetic mood will make you stronger. Beliefs help you to tap into the richest energies hidden deep within you, creating and directing those energies to help you achieve your desired goals.
2- Belief will help you persistently pursue your dreams and ideals:
The truth is that no one is better or smarter than anyone else. If so, most of them are people who know how to develop their natural abilities and talents more than you. They learned about beliefs and soon applied them to life and work. To a certain extent, you can also do anything that other people have done, as long as you have enthusiasm and desire to learn, and at this time, faith is what can help you pursue it. to what you aspire to be.
3- Belief is the operating system of the brain.
Beliefs determine what you want from yourself and what you can achieve. And above all else, your beliefs determine your desires. If you believe that you can become a Buddha, a Bodhisattva, or a politician, you will dare to aspire to achieve it yourself. If you believe you can never have it, you won't dare to hope let alone take action to make it happen.
Strong beliefs drive you to action and determine what percentage of your potential will be realized. When you believe you can achieve a certain goal, you will give it your all. Continuous action and determination to do whatever is within moral and legal limits to achieve it. As a result, you will take advantage of the many potentials hidden within you. Once you've reached your potential, you think the results will reap huge rewards! And when you achieve the desired results, your beliefs will be further strengthened and become stronger.
So how do you rekindle and nurture trust?
Once you have understood the value of trust, you want a specific, scientific method with detailed instructions that you can immediately apply to build trust for yourself as well as make your life easier for others to believe in you. There are eight real miracles if you always believe in yourself. Once you believe in yourself, positive effects will lead to other successes, which is absolutely true when you want to do something. Here are eight things that happen when you believe in yourself.
1- Less Judgment
People who spend a lot of time judging others often have very little time for themselves. When you put energy into your own life and choices, you stop focusing on other people's business.
The path to self-belief is created by understanding, and accepting, who you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses. Walking on that path also helps you see, empathize, and understand that others may be walking down a path that you cannot see.
2- Determined to implement
The biggest reasons people give for not doing what they should or don't want to do are:
- I do not have time.
But everyone in the world has the same time of day. Time is a constant that can't be changed, but you can, others can't, or vice versa. Fear and perfectionism are signs of a lack of confidence. And you can build confidence at any time.
You need a little physical and mental investment to believe in yourself. As Henry Ford once said:
- Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.
3- Make others believe
When you truly believe in yourself, you hold the power to influence others. People will believe you and want to support your efforts. This is especially important if you are building a business or embarking on any kind of journey, when you have confidence, you also make others believe in you.
4- Accept Criticism
No one likes to hear negative reviews. The most successful people are those who can listen to others, filter out the right points, and make changes for the better.
Believing in yourself is a way to create strong emotional support, allowing you to consider information and sources rationally. You also won't be easily hurt, because you have the ability to distinguish between good intentions and bad intentions.
If someone tells you the truth, you will have the confidence to accept it with gratitude and turn it into something that benefits you.
5- Determined to overcome
Everyone goes through difficult times. Falling down is something that can happen to anyone, but getting up and moving on is up to the individual.
Believing in yourself doesn't mean believing you're omnipotent or perfect, but believing in your ability to handle things and move on. Confident people always look forward to a few bumps, because they understand that these obstacles will teach them something, make them stronger, or take them to a completely unexpected place. So believe in yourself, and keep moving forward.
6- Believe in yourself
Belief in yourself generates positive energy. When you start expecting good things, you will find that everything is going according to your wishes and goals. Positive energy will attract positive energy. This is not blind faith or luck, everything happens naturally. Know that you are doing what you need to do to achieve your goal. Once you work towards those goals, they will also come back to you.
7- Serious practice
When you believe in yourself, you form good habits. You don't want to disappoint yourself, do you?
Accepting and believing in yourself is an incredibly powerful thing, and the greater the power, the greater the responsibility. You cannot continue to blame others or wait for external forces to act on everything for you.
When you have a strong belief in yourself, you often draw up grand plans to accomplish what you want.
8- Your potential for success increases exponentially
Touching true confidence is like discovering an ocean. When you try your first sip of water, you may not feel comfortable. But when the first success is achieved, the initial hesitation will fade, and the excitement will begin to rise.
In the end, you will continue to become a ship with unlimited potential and eager to discover what's next.
Everyone's journey can be different, but once you reach your destination, the possibilities are endless. Increasing your confidence is also increasing your capacity.
In short, talk about faith is available to everyone, and the power of belief is real. But, there are many of you who don't see, don't know, or see but don't want to exploit for success.
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