By Nhat Quan
Life is not always filled with strange fragrant flowers, or brilliant golden bars as some people think. Called life, it must have all aspects:
- Joy, sadness, happiness, suffering, success, difficulty, and failure are common situations in life
Not everyone is born with a full and prosperous life. There are people who have encountered many difficulties and obstacles, but in return, thanks to their rise in life, they have achieved great success. On the contrary, there are also people who were born into a rich family, have had a prosperous life since childhood, have few conflicts in life, and face many difficulties when entering life.
As you know, your hand has a palm, and the back of your hand, a coin also has two sides. This life is the same and the difficulties that life brings to people are only leverages to make you stronger if you are a mentally strong person. On the contrary, it is also the grave of the dreams of the weak and feeble. Want to follow your dream, you can't be weak on the path of pursuing your dream. On the contrary, you also have to have the courage to overcome difficulties to find yourself a way of life, to find your own path of achievement.
Human life, decades in life, can be said to be a long journey. In this journey, there are often difficulties and sometimes unexpected cruelty, but when you are ready and have a well-prepared mind for what is considered to be unforeseen, in other words, you know to embrace your own talents and resolve to accept any challenge if any. What you call transforming bad circumstances into good, bad into glory, or in other words transforming negative into positive, will make your life progress. This transformation has two ways:
- Option One:
If you have the courage to accept what has happened and is happening, then over time, you don't know how long, everything will pass. This is like a nearsighted person reading a book, trying to read the lines by having to look closely at the page, although it is difficult, slower, than reading it.
- Option Two:
You trust in the power of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, or all aspects of your own practice to transformation. This case is like a nearsighted friend, knowing he has myopia, so he went to an optometrist to make extra glasses, this person will read books easily and quickly...
Indeed, if you do not have a method, do not move forward, you will always stay where you are, or get regressed. So what you want, or dream is not enough. But you must aspire and must have the spirit to do it. What you want is always achievable, the only real obstacle on the way to a fulfilling life is yourself. And it can be a significant obstacle because you carry with you forever the baggage of insecurities experienced from the past. Those are the changes, the difficulties that depress you, but if you consider these as the necessary factors for survival, then every problem always has the simplest solution, which is to transform everything to achieve success. Specifically, this transformation depends on the case and surrounding conditions. For example, if you are cold, if there is a heater in the house, you turn on the heater, if there is no heating in the house, you find some materials to heat up.
So you must constantly be patient and persistent in spite of all obstacles, that is the difference between a strong soul and a weak soul. You can be considered as the necessary ingredients in life when life pushes you into difficulties. You don't need to lament yourself, just smile:
- Go ahead and challenge me.
You must always keep in mind, the more you progress on the path of life, the more difficult things become. But it is in resisting hardship that the inner strength of your heart is formed. That's why ordinary people say:
- Everything is difficult before it becomes easy.
There is no greater joy in life than when you overcome difficulties, step by step towards success set new aspirations, and witness successes through your own efforts. Therefore, if you want to grow up, you can't hide from the hardships or failures. Since every experience has a positive lesson, only you know your own abilities. You should not pessimistically poison your soul in the way that fate has arranged, but you should learn the sentence:
- In the past, there were many people who intended to win over heaven.
That is why some people experience more suffering, the more successful they are, while for others, the pain causes them to perish. Because really, there are two kinds of pain in the world:
- The first type makes you stronger,
- The second kind, the more suffering, the more useless you become,
Saying the second type is useless, because apart from the mind having no spirit of progress, only forcing itself to suffer, it does not bring any other benefits. Thus, the weak who encounter difficulties are to torment themselves with pain, while the courageous people who dare to transform use pain, or difficulties to grow or succeed.
In short, real gold is never afraid of fire, think of you as the hard gold bars in life, and life is the burning flames. Only when you are brave enough to step through that fire, brave enough to overcome the difficulties and challenges ahead, then you deserve to achieve success. The success that comes after going through difficulties is always more precious than the things that come too easily.
So, don't be in a hurry to give up when you encounter one difficulty after another. Because if you don't face them, how will you know what good things are waiting for you ahead? Hopefully, after reading this article, you will immediately transform your difficulties into good luck and happiness, because you will have more strength and confidence on the path you have chosen to reach the destination of success.
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