By Nhat Quan

Practicing Medicine Buddha is you: Practicing Sutras, mantras, reciting and meditating Medicine Master. When you practice the Medicine Buddha Dharma Gate and practice the mantra with results, the magic can't be thought, can't be discussed.

When you practice Medicine Buddha you tend to treat illness. For Medicine Buddha practice, the main power for healing will come from your motivation of love, compassion, and bodhicitta. That's why for those who have a terminal illness, I often advise them not only to practice reciting the Medicine Sutra and reciting mantras, but also to generate an altruistic, benevolent motivation to do beneficial things for humans.
It seems that some of you have been completely cured of incurable diseases by having strong faith, believing that the practice will cure them. There are those of you who have been cured of illness by practicing on their own, and sometimes by having someone else do the devotional practice for them. Those of you who practice by yourself is better, if others practice to dedicate to help cure diseases, it takes longer, but it is still effective.
You can practice Medicine Buddha to help people who cannot practice on their own, such as children or the elderly who are not healthy enough. Or it may be because they find it difficult to understand or accept the practice of sutras and mantras. You can help such people by reciting the Medicine Buddha Sutra for them, or entering the water with the Medicine Buddha mantras and giving them a drink.
To heal others, you should practice diligently about the Medicine Buddha, thanks to a close connection with the Medicine Buddha will help you bring results faster. However, the healing power that comes from your faith is much more than the correct recitation of sutras or mantras. The most important point is that you must feel the Medicine Buddha as a person:
- Having omniscient wisdom,
- Has the ability to heal,
- Have boundless great compassion for you and all other sentient beings.
Also has the perfect ability to lead you. This is the core point of this practice. Visualizing the appearance of the Medicine Buddha will make a big difference in the effectiveness of the treatment, so when you practice the Medicine Buddha method, you must not overlook the point just mentioned.
It is extremely important to generate the strong belief that you have completely purified your illness and its cause, for it is this trusting mind that is the true healing mind. Illness is what is happening, the cause of the disease is greed, selfishness, anger, delusion, and deep karma….
Wisdom and compassion are central in other practices, but in practices that involve practicing Medicine Buddha Dharma and reciting mantras, healing is closely related to healing generating the strong belief that you have been purified. This trusting mind is the main motivation for true healing.
Before using mantras to cure others, you must first practice this practice with recitation of many sutras, and many mantras, because this helps you to generate healing powers. And in your daily practice, the more mantras you recite, the more healing powers you develop.
Before chanting the mantra, arouse in your mind the desire to practice the meaning of the healing mantra of the Medicine Buddha and think:
- Through this mantra, may I be able to cure all diseases and all other problems for all sentient beings.
- May anyone who hears this mantra immediately recover from their illness.
- May they be immediately liberated from all suffering and its causes and purified of all karma.
- May they immediately practice the entire path to enlightenment.
Such giving of all good things to sentient beings can create the power of self-healing in the mind. And then your body, speech, and mind will have the power to heal others, instantly saving them from illness and all its other problems and their causes.
The pure bodhicitta motivation on the part of the healer is really the most important factor in healing, so reciting mantras will have a stronger healing power if you have a kind heart. Even though mantras and medicines have the power to cure diseases, the greatest benefit that the healer can do is to generate a wholesome mind. And this is the most important factor of the healer, as it ensures that the practitioner's chanting and mantra recitation becomes the pure Dharma and the cause of enlightenment.
    The reason why Medicine Buddha's practice has such a powerful power to achieve temporary as well as ultimate success is that in the past when the Medicine Buddhas were bodhisattvas, they developed Great vows for sentient beings, they promised that in the Dharma-ending Age when the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha were in decline, they would make all sentient beings' prayers come true real. They have generated a strong determination to attain enlightenment because of this aspiration, which is the motivation as well as the realization of their path to enlightenment. You are now living in an era where the five recessions are:
1- Consciousness decline,
Basically, it is the deterioration of the mind that leads to all other deteriorations. Greed, anger, delusion, and other delusions are on the rise, because people do not practice true spiritual development but only follow trends, or cultivate for fun without knowing where the future will go.
2- Life expectancy decline,
The deterioration of consciousness leads to a decline in life expectancy. The reason is that you don't care much about spiritual practice, so you let life flow along the lines of life, instead of staying up all night to practice, you stay up all night to watch, and listen to movies, making your health exhausted and sick continuously, making the average lifespan shorter and shorter. A few thousand years ago, most humans lived to be a hundred years old, and before that, humans lived much longer. Today, most people only live to be sixty or seventy years old. This decline in life expectancy is due to the deterioration of consciousness.
3- Sentient beings decline,
The deterioration of the mind has also led to the deterioration of sentient beings. Sentient beings' minds become very stubborn and difficult to tame, very difficult to practice, very difficult to be patient, loving, compassionate, and so on... Even if they receive the necessary explanation, they will not be able to practice executive. Because their minds are restless and untamed, even if they hear the Dharma they cannot understand the Dharma.
4- Age of recession
The decline in time is clearly seen in the increasing number of places of war, disputes between nations along with natural disasters such as earthquakes, droughts, famines, and epidemics.
5- Perception of recession.
The deterioration of the mind also leads to the deterioration of perception and opinion. Fewer and fewer people believe in the truth and more and more people believe in lies and false interpretations. When someone tells the truth sincerely from the heart, others find it difficult to understand or believe, but when people lie, others find it very easy to believe.
I am talking about relative truth here, not absolute truth. People also hold wrong views, such as that morality is not the cause of happiness and immorality is not the cause of suffering. They readily accept erroneous explanations of the causes of happiness and suffering but find it difficult to understand or distrust the correct explanations.
As the five recessions spread everywhere, many strange diseases appeared and their symptoms changed. Doctors have trouble diagnosing new diseases and don't know how to cure them.
As the consciousness of sentient beings becomes more and more degraded, everything also deteriorates. The effectiveness of food and medicine is decreasing. This is why when practicing Medicine Buddha you often have to recite mantras more times than before. However, thanks to the power of the great vows that the Medicine Buddhas made before, the Medicine Buddha mantra actually became more and more powerful as the times deteriorated. This is one reason why it is so important to recite the Medicine Buddha mantra.
The Medicine Buddhas of the past made the aspiration that the supplications of sentient beings in the age of depression would surely be fulfilled. Each Medicine Buddha has made many great vows to be able to respond to the different problems of sentient beings, you can understand the extent of those vows of them through the texts in the Medicine Sutra. Luu Ly Quang Tathagata, Shakyamuni Buddha asked his attendant:
- Hey, Ananda, do you believe what I say about the Medicine Buddha's deeds?
Mr. Ananda replied:
- I do not doubt your teachings, the Enlightened One.
The Buddha continued:
- Hey, Ananda, for what reason do you believe so,
Venerable Ananda replied:
Because the merits of the Buddha are inconceivable. The Buddha's enlightened mind can directly see and know everything that exists, including the level of mind and karma of each sentient being. That's why I never doubted what the Buddha taught.
Then the Buddha advised:
- Therefore, Ananda, if there were anyone, even just hearing the Medicine Buddha's name or his mantra, it would be enough not to be born in the lower realms.
Thus, it is certain that if you praise the Medicine Buddha's name, or recite his mantra every day, you will never be reborn in the lower realms.
Praying to the Medicine Buddhas is powerful and quick to bring success, not only in healing but also in other endeavors. This is why the daily practice of praying to the Medicine Buddha is so important, not only for healing but also for the success of spiritual practice and other activities. Thanks to the powerful power of the great compassion and selflessness of the Medicine Buddhas who want to benefit all sentient beings, you will be fulfilled if you practice upholding the Medicine Buddha and pray to them for their help maintain. On their part, they have made many great vows for sentient beings, they have promised to make your prayers come true, especially in degenerate lifetimes. If you pray to the Medicine Buddhas, you will soon be able to accomplish all that you desire. In addition to the benefits in life, there is the ultimate benefit they can bring to you, which is enlightenment.
Moreover, the seven Medicine Buddhas have strong power not only for healing diseases but also in purifying karma for the living and the dead. In the case of helping people who are about to die, you should generate the motivation of bodhicitta, then lean into the ear of the dying person or animal, praise the name and recite the mantra of the Medicine Buddha. This will be great because it will help the person or animal not to be reborn in the lower realms. If the dying person can no longer hear, you can hold the Apothecary mantra and blow on their body, blow on powder mixed with fragrance, or blow into a perfume bottle and sprinkle powder or perfume on their body.
For someone who is close to death, you can use the practice of Medicine Buddha to do the Mind Shifting Dharma so that the dying person's mind does not fall into the evil path. Here's how to do it:
1- First visualize the Medicine Buddha on top of the dying person's head. A cylindrical beam of light emanated from the Medicine Buddha's heart, forming a conduit inside the dying man's body. This duct is extended down just below the navel of the dying person.
2- Visualize the dying person's consciousness as a white speck of light the size of a sesame seed, located at the heart. It is not sturdy and heavy but very very light.
3- The red light rays shaped as hooks emanate from the Medicine Buddha's heart, hook into the light spot of the dying person's consciousness and then fly along the cylindrical conduit up to the Medicine Buddha's heart.
4- After being sucked into Medicine Buddha's heart, consciousness will emerge from a lotus flower in Medicine Buddha's pure land. Then that person will hear the Dhamma from the Medicine Buddha as well as receive a prediction of his enlightenment.
If you have strong compassion and high concentration while practicing like this, you can help the dying person not to be reborn in the lower realms. In addition, through the practice of Medicine Buddha method can purify the karma of a living being even after death and can help them to be freed from suffering. It is also very beneficial when you recite the Medicine Mantra and blow on the flesh you eat, or blow on the body of a dead person or blow on old bones, as this helps to purify karma and help that being to be reborn into higher realms or pure land. If you eat meat, you must benefit the animal that is being slaughtered for its meat by reciting this very powerful karma-purifying mantra before you eat the meat, and you should sincerely pray for the animal's well-being transmigration, immediately from the animal life to the pure land or to a higher life, and never falling back down to the lower realms.
Thus, the miracle of practicing Medicine Buddha Dharma is also very beneficial for the dying, or the dead. When someone is in severe pain, you need to do this, either the sick person will recover immediately, or will die within a day or two with a calm state of mind, instead of prolonging life in pain. Practicing the Medicine Buddha Dharma will have a good effect on serious illness, but you can also use this ritual to pray for success in spiritual practice or in other activities.
It is also possible to practice Medicine Buddha Dharma to cure people who are in a coma. Recovery is, of course, an interdependent event, depending on whether one's karma is heavy or light. If your karma is not very heavy, practicing for a short time can restore it. But if karma is heavy and deep, then healing will not happen.
According to the experience of the Tibetan monks, by reciting the Medicine Buddha mantra, you also have the ability to increase the power of the medicine that you take or give to others. Here's how to do it:
- Put the medicine in the cup and put it in front of you, visualize a moon-like plate above the cup. Visualize a plate with the word 'An' in blue color and around the word 'AN' are the words of the Medicine Buddha mantra clockwise: Namo bạt già phạt đế, bệ sát xả lu lô tịch lưu ly ...
While reciting the mantra, visualize the nectar flowing from the letters of the mantra, flowing down and being absorbed into the medicine. Then the mantra syllables and the moon disc all dissolved into the potion.
At this time the medicine will become very effective for healing bodily ailments, diseases caused by demons, and their causes, i.e. unwholesome karma and delusions. If you are treating patients with incurable diseases, imagine that drugs have special powers that can cure incurable diseases. The more faith you generate and the more mantras you recite, the more powerful the medicine will be.
This is why Tibetan physicians, after preparing medicine, often practice the Medicine Buddha meditation and recite mantras to focus on the medicine. As a result, the medicine is more effective, because, in addition to the effectiveness of the medicinal herbs contained in the medicine, the medicine also has the additional spiritual power to help purify the mind and bring about a quick recovery.
As recommended by the Venerable Ones, if you want to be more inclined towards healing, then go into a hermitage to practice Medicine Buddha Dharma for a month or two and praise the Medicine Buddha's name and recite mantras every day is very good. Because when practicing Medicine Buddha Dharma, there will be Medicine Goddesses and Guardians who will help you diagnose the right illness and give the correct medicine.
With this practice, you can also achieve clairvoyance:
- A sign of this achievement is that before the patient arrives in person, you see them coming in a dream and you diagnose them. The next day, they come directly and you can give them the right medicine for their disease.
- Another sign is that, when you listen attentively to the patient's pulse, you can recognize the patient's condition and give the correct medication.
Likewise, when examining a patient, goddesses can appear in the air and around and tell you about the patient's condition and how to treat it.
In short, if you practice the Medicine Buddha Dharma, especially the Medicine Master mantra as a daily practice, then all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas will take care of you like a gentle mother taking care of a loving child, and will always guide you. Likewise, Vajradhara, the embodiment of the power of all Buddhas, the four main Dharma protectors (Four Heavenly Kings) along with other protectors will always protect and guide you. Such recitation of the Medicine Mantra also helps to purify all unwholesome karma, and quickly get rid of bodily ailments and diseases possessed by demons. Reciting this mantra also brings success; everything is achieved exactly as you want.
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