By Nhat Quan
While making a living, in daily life, you have to face reality through many aspects, pressures, and collisions. Therefore, it is often difficult for you to avoid disagreements in work, daily life, and relationships at home and work. When there is an argument, you can get impatient and get angry or talkative, and it's often not easy to keep the peace...
As a result, you get hurt or hurt others. You will even feel that you yourself become painful, lose faith, and regret. But the words were said like a bowl of water thrown away, it was too late to regret it then. In times like this, what you need to do is stay calm and let go of anger and delusion, letting go of what is unnecessary, but makes you feel insecure.
Everyone knows that happiness is built on a foundation of peace and serenity. This is the dream of a life that everyone aspires to achieve. However, many of you are not self-aware that you are making mistakes, or that you hope to be right all the time. This is a great danger to your relationships with people, and your social situation, and it also brings you a lot of pressure and suffering. So the Buddha taught:
- Suffering is at the heart, in order to be happy, you must know how to get rid of what is not necessary.
Getting rid of such unnecessary things is, first of all, to relieve all worries and make you happy. The latter is for you to give yourself the opportunity to grow. Those who want to be happy, let's start doing it right away, you will feel the change every day!
Please note, giving up things you don't need is not giving up everything, the essence of these two words is not the same, and the results are also different. The choice to let go or give up is how you decide whether your life is happy or ruined...
Why do I say so?
Because when you know how to let go, you are the one who is looking for the opportunity to grow. Whereas renunciation is the act of a person looking for a place to hide. Letting go is because you see yourself as more precious than the thing, so let go of that thing. Giving up is because you can't let go of things, and eventually have to give up on yourself. Wise people know how to let go, fools only give up. In this choice you must know the judgment:
- The reason people live not peacefully, not happy, the main cause lies in three habits, if you are used to these habits, please quit immediately:
1- Get used to exaggerating the happiness of others.
2- Get used to exaggerating your own suffering.
3- Get used to taking your own suffering compared to the happiness of others, taking out your own shortcomings compared to the advantages of others.
All of the above reasons come from holding too much of yourself. In other words, it is an attitude of dissatisfaction with yourself, wanting to get something, wanting more without giving up what needs to be given up. So if you want to get rid of the things that need to be dropped, you should have a definite concept:
- Living in the world, being a human should not be too strict. Work does not need to be perfect. Joy cannot be enjoyed by all, so the treatment of people should be understood in moderation. Tolerance towards others is to give yourself some flexibility, a way back when needed.
There is nothing scarier in the world than doing things while losing your mind, the consequences are inconceivable. The ugliest face in life cannot be worse than an angry face, for no one likes a dark or red face. The thing that people hate most in the world can't be more hated than making an angry face at the people around them, because it's even more unsightly than fighting. So if you have a problem, you should practice:
- Learn to control yourself
You can't control the actions of others, and you shouldn't even try. But you can control not only your actions but also your thoughts. So it's better to be willing to give up control over everything that has nothing to do with you or other people. Accept things and people exactly as they are and you will feel good.
- Know how to be wise or foolish at all times
Because no one likes someone smarter than them and especially hates someone who thinks they're smart. Things look objectively too complicated and change too quickly, no matter how high your IQ is, no matter how diligently you strive, the real realization Everything is very difficult.
Because even if you can grasp all the knowledge, it is practically impossible. Therefore, it is better to maintain a cautious attitude of humility, it is still better to dare to admit to yourself that it is still a fool in front of everyone.
- Win or lose doesn't matter
Especially in times when arguments make no sense and are unnecessary. Because the vast majority of people just want to win, and no one wants to lose. At best, both sides win. But if there has to be a winner and a loser, then you are being a loser is the best option. Here is a story:
There was a monk going up the mountain to collect firewood, and on the way back, he saw a young boy who had caught a butterfly and was trying to bend his hands to keep it from flying.
Seeing the monk, the young man said:
- Venerable Master, can you and I bet a game?
The Venerable asked:
- How to bet?
The young man replied:
- You guessed whether the butterfly in my hand is alive or dead. If you guess wrong, the bundle of firewood will be mine.
The monk agreed and guessed:
- The butterfly in your hand is dead.
The young man laughed and replied:
- You guessed wrong. After saying that, he opened his hand and a butterfly flew up from his hand.
The Venerable said:
- Okay, this load of firewood belongs to you. After saying that, he put down a load of firewood and walked happily.
The young man did not know how the monk could be so happy, but looking at the load of firewood in front of him, he did not care much but happily carried the firewood home. Seeing his son return, the father immediately asked where the firewood came from, so he told the story to his father. Hearing his son's story, he suddenly said in an angry voice:
- Hey son! you are too bummed! Do you think you won? Even if you lose, you don't even know you've lost.
Hearing his father's words made the son bewildered, not understand anything. The father immediately ordered him to carry the bundle of firewood on his shoulders, and the father and son brought the firewood to return to the temple. Seeing the monk, the father immediately said:
- Teacher, my son offended you, please forgive him.
The monk nodded and smiled but said nothing.
On the way back home, the young man, after a period of wondering, finally spoke out the doubts in his heart.
The father sighed and said:
- That monk intentionally guessed that the butterfly was dead, so you let it go and you won the firewood. If he says the butterfly is alive, then you will strangle the butterfly and you will also win the bet. Do you think that monk doesn't know what you're calculating? The teacher lost a bundle of firewood but won something much more valuable, which is compassion. And you, you lost because you lost the precious thing that is compassion without even knowing it.
The story may be very simple but it is a lesson for you in life. Victory, defeat, success, and failure are things that often torment people's lives. There are times when you think you have won but in reality, you have lost more without even realizing it.
- No justification
Pack your excuses and throw them away. Because oftentimes you just limit yourself to what you do for a variety of reasons. Instead of growing up, and improving your life and spirit, you're lying to yourself, using all sorts of excuses, which in 99.9% of cases, aren't real
- Shouldn't be busy
This is a concept that is difficult for most of you to understand, but it is not something that cannot be done. When you separate yourself from everything, you become more peaceful, tolerant, friendly, and serene. That way you can come to a place where you can understand everything without suffering. It is a state beyond words.
Have the courage to let go of attachments to have a peaceful and happier life.
What you need to do is give up far-fetched ambitions, and let go of the excessive pursuit of fame and gain. Let go of things that don't belong to you, let go of desires and obstacles in your mind... Let go to be happier. Storytelling:
There was a merchant who had a lot of wealth, but he never felt happy. When he saw the innocent smiling child's face, saw the simple smile of the peasants, he felt miserable, he asked himself:
- After all, what is the real joy? What do I need to do to have that joy?
I'm tired of living around here, I want to go to a far away, beautiful and mysterious place to find the joy I need. Thinking and doing, he decided to leave, but he brought a lot of money in gold and silver to find joy for himself. He carried a heavy bag on his upper back on his way to find joy, but he discovered that the farther he went, the more tired he was, and the further away the joy he was looking for was not what he imagined.
Going through hundreds of mountains and thousands of rivers, because of the heavy bag he carried on his back, he was tired all the way. He lamented shortly, and sighed, not in the mood to enjoy the beauty of the foreign road. Not in the mood to experience peace of mind like the cranes on the clouds that people say.
One day, he was in a hurry to find a place to stop for the night before dark, when ahead of him came the sound of country singing. It was the singing of a farmer, his clothes were ragged but his face showed a happy smile. Seeing this, the merchant asked:
- You seem very happy, how can you be so happy?
The farmer replied:
- Yes, I feel very happy! I just came back from work in the fields, my rice has just grown a little bit. On the way back, I was lucky to pick up some firewood and mushrooms.
The farmer asked the merchant:
- And how do you feel so much pain?
The businessman said:
- I lack nothing, I have a beautiful wife, many children, and many possessions. You see how many gold and silver jewels I still carry on my back, but I always feel unhappy. Can you tell me the secret to having fun?
The farmer smiled sincerely.
- What's the secret to having fun? Just put down the bag on your back.
Listening to what the farmer said, the merchant was then enlightened. He carried a lot of gold, silver, and jewels, his back was bent, he was always worried on the road, and at night he was afraid of being stolen. During the day, he was afraid of being robbed. Materials are both many and heavy, the whole journey is always tiring, where is the mood to enjoy the beauty of the mountains, forests, long distances, and strange scenes? If you keep worrying in your heart, how can you be happy?
Actually, if you think about it, you and that merchant have a lot in common. Many of you often feel that you are not enjoying, or are unhappy, but you forget that the key to the problem lies in controlling your ambitions.
This is a world where every second and every minute is filled with ambition. Life is an ocean where every second and every minute is filled with ambition. Every day, each of you, every second, every minute, is concerned with countless different ambitions. Ambition inside and outside of man. Material ambitions, and spiritual ambitions….each one of them overlaps each other that you never think is enough.
You say children are always happy because they think very simply. The mind is simple, simply treating oneself and others. Just thinking about the world, you will see that the relationship between people is extremely simple. When you have simplified, it is easy to achieve joy and satisfaction with life. Satisfied with the life you will get joy and happiness from within your own mind.
- Let go of what you don't need to have fun
Life cannot be without ambition, a person living without ambition is like having no light in a dark night. But ambition must have reality and possibility. Ambition needs to be controlled appropriately, when you have certain efforts, you can achieve the desired goal. Proper ambition can help you feel happy and fulfilled in your life.
What you need to do is give up far-fetched ambitions, let go of the excessive pursuit of fame and gain, let go of things that don't belong to you, and let go of the desires that hinder your mind. Just let go of unnecessary things, then the luggage becomes simple. This world is inherently very simple, but you have made it complicated by yourself. In fact, by being simple yourself, you will see this world is also very simple, simple yourself you will see other people are also very simple.
When your hands are clenched together, you can't grasp anything else. But if you let go of your hands, you will find the light of the world in the palm of your hand. Letting go of everything brings joy. Letting go of unnecessary things will find your life joyful! Letting go is not having too much ambition, you will feel much lighter. Life is easy, life will be fun!
In life, you need to be happy, and ready to let go of things you don't need, in your heart or in your surroundings. Whatever it is, it will make you feel good. So don't blame others for what they did or didn't do, and don't blame others based on your personal feelings. Stop complaining about everything around you right now. Unless you volunteer, no one can make you happy, no environment can make you cry.
Remember, it's not your circumstances that control your mood, whether you're happy or sad, it all depends on your choices. Don't underestimate positive thoughts. Do not arbitrarily criticize others and what they do. They are not like you, each person has a different opinion, a different thought, and do not impose your thoughts on others.
You are completely separate individuals, but you have one thing in common, that is, you all hope to be happy and to be understood by others. So give up guessing and try to please others, because you can't do that. So try to open your heart and remember, your brain only works when you leave it open. The most stupid is arbitrarily, easily rejecting things that you do not understand at all. So don't let yourself be fooled. Choose from a selection of these two-in-one options, and you'll be in good hands:
- Called friends, are your spiritual comforters;
- Called old people, who create your excellence;
- Called petty people, those who obstruct your virtue;
- Called nobles, who change your destiny;
- Called the Enlightened Ones (Gods and Buddhas), who lead you to the enlightenment of your true nature;
- Called false (demons) are those who make you expand your own ego.
The logic of the great road is so simple, so simple that it only takes a sentence or two to speak clearly. The great things in life are difficult because they are simple. Simplicity is not simply ignoring the matter, nor is it simply childish, but wisdom at the highest level, a manifestation of mature wisdom. The perfect is always simple. Learn to be simple, it's actually not that simple at all.
Sit and watch the wind, watch the clouds disappear. It's a state of invulnerability in the face of external circumstances. Whether the clouds disappear or reappear, you still keep the same sitting position as the original, you still smile and watch what is happening without getting caught up in it. To live is to live for the present, to enjoy also in the present. Life is a journey, not an endpoint. Always prepare a ready state of mind, and maintain an objective and profound way of thinking to live fully in the present. By letting go of what needs to be let go, you will become balanced, tolerant, and peaceful. At that time, you can understand and sympathize with people, things, things around you, and even things that you have never experienced.
In short, please remember very well, you have your own life, it's a right and it belongs to you.
Human life knows enough but stops to be happy because joy is the ultimate in sadness. Should not tolerate lust, tolerating lust into calamity. Flowers are only beautiful when they are in bloom, long blooms will fade. If a career does not need to be fully demanded, and merits do not need to be redundant, there will be no internal variables and no bad external circumstances. People in the world do not need to ask for much, work does not need to be perfect, and enjoy themselves to the fullest. A person must know when to stop. In this way, to others a tolerance, to yourself a way back when necessary:
- It is to give up what needs to be given up, and then life is happy.
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