By Nhất Quán
        When born in the world, each good or bad person is different. Everyone's current life is not the same as anyone else, and how long or short life is nobody known. According to the Buddhist learner's points of view, the present life is due to the karma or blessings of the past, so you can not choose, but only depending on the situation of the current circumstances to suffer or change, but life in the future is due to you choose, and there are many choices, such as:
          - Happiness or Suffering
          Happy or sad
          Laugh or cry
          Give or receive
          Follow or give up
          Trust or doubt
          Right or left
          White or black
          Once you have a choice, each of you goes on separate paths that are suitable for only yourself. It is important to focus on the path you take rather than trying to follow the path of others.
          You have the right to choose for yourself a future life through your actions, decisions, and actions in your current life. So, never let your life become boring and mediocre on the sideline of your life. Choose for yourself an active, active job to make miracles according to your thinking.
          Baggage for a future life is like a road, but there are many different types. There are long, short, straight, curved, flat, or rocky roads, etc. Moreover, there are countless turns on that road for you to decide to choose, such as:
          - Strive to become a celebrity,
          - Rich or lazy to live in poverty
          - The path to Victory and joy
          - Cultivate the mind to nurture nature, to cultivate merit.
          Like any road in real life, life also has crossroads, dark corners, or stop points, etc. But perhaps, the most troublesome thing you may encounter is a crossroad, intersection, falls five, falls six, etc. With many paths for you to choose, while you're not sure where to go ...
          Because of such difficult forward or backward situations, many people have made serious mistakes in their life, even turning them into different people. At times like these, keep the following tips in mind that can help you make informed life decisions.
          1. Don't Believe in The So-called Absolute
         You don't really know where the road will lead you until you actually walk on it, and then you know that there is no guarantee.
          This is one of the most important things you need to know about life. No one can guarantee that fame and fortune will guarantee a lifetime of happiness. The only thing you can believe in is your wise decisions and how to act and how you react to the situation that has happened and is happening.
          2. Better To Be A Fool
          Life has always had a very complicated transformation. No matter how knowledgeable or good you are, you don't have the ability to anticipate everything. Even if you use your experiences to measures or evaluate something, they can completely change in the blink of an eye.
          So, no matter what happens, you should also maintain a humble attitude and courageously acknowledge yourself as a fool before the ever-changing transformation of the creator, so that you can learn more and continue to go forward.
          3. Don't be eager to win
          This advice is especially helpful if you get into an argument with one person or a group of people. Don't be stubborn to defend your opinion, even if you know the other person is making a mistake. Because once they have refused to admit they were wrong, let them experience and realize their mistake. The fact that you continue to argue will make the two of you even more contradictory. Should take harmony as precious, is to keep the interests of both parties, it is a letting go. People who dare give up fame are those who understand morality. 
          Usually, everyone wants to receive their own benefits. Even so, many people never give in even a little. You must understand that sometimes accepting loss is a blessing. Even if you are deceived, do not worry, trust the Law of Nature and society, you don't need to think about a plan for revenge.
          4. Don't Run For Fame and Benefit
          Do not just want to enjoy happiness, peace, and wealth but do not want to work hard. Because this desire will produce other kinds of desires, which wear down your mind and body. If you work hard, the more you appreciate what you can do and the more can train yourself before the temptation of life.
          Be what you have, don't buy fame, don't try to run after fame and benefit. Do not use money or sacrifice loved ones to boost your advancement and wealth. Sometimes normal life is a happy thing. Many people want it but can not get it.
          Deceiving, buying fame, the greed of benefit will tire your body and soul, cause trouble and sow the wind and you will reap the storm.
          5. Self-confident but not blind
          Self-confidence in yourself is the power to have everything. Even, if your self-confidence is a bit blind, don't make yourself pessimistic, negative. You can completely adjust that. Just a minute of losing faith, you can lose everything. Should try to maintain health, rather than fame and profit.
         Health is a very important condition, maybe even the most important thing in life. Even if you do not have a status of luxury or wealth, if you are healthy, you have been and are living well. But if you have fame, and fortune that you lose your health, then you are have been and losing everything. 
          How you want to live your life is up to you. The right to choose and decide is yours. The important thing is to be ready to face things wisely. You should define what you want most, what is most important to you, then your life will be meaningful
          Only then can you feel that life in the present life is meaningful, and you will cross your own boundaries. Let you live the life of your choice. It is important that you surpass yourself. Life is made up of your own way. Future life is carved and painted by you. Your choice is the only stop you can not turn around. If you do not assertive in your life, then you are missing out on your chance to be a perfect person.
          Therefore, if you choose to give yourself a life of happiness, peace, and freedom in your present and future lives, then your mind will be relieved and peaceful. In other words, cultivating the present life is to hold your own destiny in the future life, not to surrender them to the so-call destiny. Since fate is created by yourself, just as you plant a tree, if you want it to grow, be healthy, with its branches and leaves luxuriant, blossoms and bear fruit, ... then you have to have a process of appreciation, take care and nurture with all that you have. Otherwise, the tree will die, just as happiness will disappear.
         The way to cherish and nurture future lives according to the Buddhist point of view is through the elements of spiritual practice, charity, almsgiving, offering, etc. Because you will be happy when you help someone who is less fortunate, this will make you feel wonderful and meaningful.  When you give away, you don't think about personal gain, but the joy and happiness you don't need to chase after it naturally comes.
          What you give is not necessarily material or money, but it may be spiritual values. It may be as simple as showing a sincere and warm smile, but it is enough to make someone happy all day and also makes yourself happier.
        Just decide, choose what you want, just feel safe yourself, feel happy, you don't feel ashamed. On the contrary, you are willing to hold your head up for your decision.
         A happy life simply means you are in control of your life, and consciously, living in life always has rules. If you get this, you may lose something. And when you lose something, you will get something else in return. The advantage of one always comes with a disadvantage of another. There is nothing called perfect. So, you always believe that no matter what decision you make, you will get a worthy result.
          The happiness or advantage you get come from the sacrifices, and hardships you get. There is no such thing as happiness or advantage that comes easily. So, don't hesitate, worry about your decisions if it's wrong. Because it doesn't matter, even the worst has its own meaning in your life. Only through suffering and tasting the bitterness will you really understand many things.
          People often think life is complicated and confusing, but in fact, life is just one of the options. So you should choose, and live so that when you look back on your own you will not regret it in the future. Most of you are overestimating the cost of change and perhaps few people will think about the price if it does not change. Success, happiness or failure, suffering are all in your own thoughts and decisions.
          In your life, only you are the one who makes your choice and decisions. Remember not to waste the options. Even though it may be a mistake or a fall, you have to make a choice as it is your last resort so that you will not regret tomorrow because there is no choice today. Even your choices in the eyes of others are stupid, crazy, or silly, foolish. Even if it is the stumbling block, the obstacle, please bravely decide because life is yours, not that of others.  
          Each option brings the breath of life and also brings with it the preferences you choose for yourself. Whether you are happy or sad, suffering or pleasure is your choice. Be strong, face your circumstances, and choose. Choosing to let you live with yourself, not cheating. Only then will your mind be at peace. 
          In many choices a human life has to go through, you are not always right. But with the most important choice, making an informed decision will give you the life you want and vice versa. Those who have a progressive spirit, enjoy doing good deeds. This makes more sense. Because you have the future ahead of you, the sooner you make the right choices make that future much clearer. So in order for your future life selection to be successful, you should first: 
          1. Choice how to live
          In folklore, there is saying
          -  Live for virtue and kindness
          Having longevity to eat the fortune of heaven
          Life is necessary for human beings is worthwhile and is directed to future lives. Knowing how to choose to live is to define:
          - Who are you? what do you live for, what will you use your life for, and is it worth using? 
          Determining your own worth is also choosing to give you a reason to live, this is considered the destination in your life. This is the most important choice, affecting all other choices. Not everyone can choose the right destination for themselves and reap good results. Human beings are inherently honest, but choosing a different reason will have different people, different lives, and different destinies. 
If you are a Buddhist layman then choosing a way of life is very important and useful. Because as a Buddhist layman, none of you are ignorant of the sentence:
          - If you want to know what you did in the past life
          So let's see what you received now.
          If you want to know what your next life will be
          So look what you are doing right now.
          So, if you want to have a good life in your future life, you already know what you to do.
          2. Choose what to do
          Social life has many things to choose from. Maybe you want:
          - Become a talented politician
          - Become a great musician
          - Become a good doctor
          - Become a famous architect
          - Become a super-rich merchant
          In fact, being a boss or being a soldier, being a teacher or being a worker, being an official or being a citizen, being an owner or being a hired worker, etc. It doesn't matter, but it's important to do what you're best at, suitable for you, and create the most value in terms of both financial value and social value.
          Besides choosing the right career to do, you also need to find yourself a suitable place to stick, for example, to stick with:
          - Which company, organization, industry, field ...
          This is very important because work is not only a place to earn a living but also a place to serve the community and develop society. That is speaking from an ordinary person's point of view.
          The choice of one thing to do is so important, so:
          - Both graduated from the same university, both studied equally well, but after a few years of graduation, they will have two different lives, two different futures, because they have two different job choices. 
          - Being the same person in the same society, the last day of life are all different and in a future life, they will be even more different.
         If you are a Buddhist layman with an upwardly inclined heart towards good, then choosing a thing to do is even more important, because what you do, you are sowing goodness. Whether a good politician, an engineer, a doctor, etc. No matters how good you are if you don't have a blessing or run out of a blessing, then life will not be okay. This you have also seen changes in society or experienced yourself. Therefore, the choice of Buddhists to have a good future life is nothing more than to cultivate merit and cultivate wisdom.
           3. Choose a Teacher to learn
          Education is always been one of the most important careers in everyone's life. According to society, there are five types of teachers you can be closest to and the most helpful.
           - Teacher
          These are knowledgeable and ethical people who directly enlighten your mind and nourish your soul. There are many teachers, but not everyone also is a right mean teacher, not everyone can lead the student to master the learning process and explore the endless world of knowledge. That's why choosing the right people to study and respect as a teacher is so important. 
          - Book is also teachers
          Book is not only a teacher but also a confidant friend, always kind, patient, and waiting for you. To learn from a book is learning from the greatest minds of mankind recorded in books. You can bring the world's greatest teachers, from past to present, from East to West to your home to teach you, at any time, but the cost is often as much as a bowl of beef noodle soup.  
          However,  if you don't read books, you certainly won't learn anything, but reading a lot also is not sure what you have to learn. The problem is choosing what kind of books to read, how to read them, and what to learn from them.  
          - Experience Being a Teacher
          In this world, there are some things you can't learn if you don't pay a price, but there are also things you can learn without paying. Your life will inevitably fail, the problem is that after each failure, you need to learn lessons so that similarly does not happen again in the future, that's called experience. To limit failure and pay the price, you need to learn a lot from the first two teachers that are teachers and books
          - The famous person is also the master
         They are intellectuals for you to learn knowledge or influential figures in society for you to learn their spirit and will. Their stories of success, failure, experiences, ideas, talents, and personalities will be valuable lessons for you on the path to self-enlightenment and those around you.
          However, you must be able to appraise, to know who you are, who is who, what is what. Otherwise, you will be wrong in:
          - People who are respectful then you don't revere, those who don't need to be reverent, then you revere.
          - Internet is also a teacher
          The internet is considered one of the most important inventions of the 20th century, making the whole of humanity profoundly and completely different from the previous periods. The Internet is really a useful tool for everyone's learning. 
          The internet era formed two types of people: Netizens and Cyber worms. Netizens are people who use the internet as a tool to improve their knowledge, for work and life. And cyber worms are those who waste most of their time and energy on online pastimes or sabotage. There are leaf rolling worms who play the online games day and night, stem borers worms who specialize in finding sex movies, Chat worms who specialize in chatting, etc. Being a Netizen or a cyber worm, that's also an option important to young people in this era.
          For  Buddhist laymen, although not one hundred percent, most are conscious of choosing a teacher to respect and learn from.
          4. Choose friends to play
          Speaking of choosing friends to play with, it implies a social person with many interwoven relationships, and it is those relationships that shape a person's portrait. For example, old  grandparents, when commenting on a certain people or group of people, often say:
          - Horses look for horses, buffalos look for buffalo.
          - Near the ink, it's black, near the lights, it's bright
          In human life, in addition to the most important friend is your life partner ( i.e your husband or wife), then you need to have a soul mate, not just superficial, social, and diplomatic friends. True friends are people who share joys, sorrows, share values, and ideals of living with you. However, they may have different paths on the journey to building a career.
          It can be said that friends are the property of each person, a source of sharing, encouragement, and support when needed, but that not mean taking advantage of friends. On the contrary, playing with friends needs to be determined to help your friends grow and progress together. A friendship if built on such a spirit will be extremely durable and good.
          For those who have an upward and good-spirit soul, choosing for themself a good future life is very important, through which is a selection process such as:
          - Choosing a way to live is choosing a destination and also choosing a new life in the future. For a Buddhist layman, it is to choose for themselves the lifestyle of a cultivator, that is in addition to taking care of their family, the Buddhist layman always directs their life towards the path.
          - Choose a job to do is to choose for yourself a career, to realize life's dream or you want to accumulate good karma of study, learn to give alms, practice precepts, concentration, and wisdom to make luggage for future life.
          - Choosing a teacher to learn is choosing respectable people or a study method to equip you with the knowledge and capacity to plan and implement life strategies. Thus, in addition to the experience of books and the internet, Buddhist laymen also choose for yourselves a teacher to worship, a Three Jewels as a source of refugee.
         - Choosing friends to play with is seek and nurture beautiful friendships to enricher your life, which Buddhist scholars often called good knowledge. As a knowledge, they will always guide each other go on the path of truth, goodness, and beauty.
          All of these important choices need to be made and followed very seriously
          In the tendency to choose a future life, no one can force you to live or choose what path to take. Only you make the decision, so don't waste time when making your choice. When you've made a choice, don't regret it, but you have to be brave, hold your head up high, you will feel happy with it.
          Each person's life is different in that you know how to control your owner's destiny. Only then can you overcome obstacles and go to success. So be the strength to face, bravely choose for you a way of life, not deceive your thoughts, hide your true feelings. The near future or in a future life depends on you, if you are not decisive, you will miss many opportunities.
          Continue to live with your unfinished passions and dreams, Do not rush to give up your own beliefs, because only by faith can you accomplish what you feel needs to be done. You are the only one who has the right to decide your life. Only through hardships, and suffering can you experience many things. Things that if life is smooth, you are not easy to realize. 
          So live your life so that you won't regret it when you look back. If everything goes well, that's great, Otherwise see it as an opportunity for you to experience. The future, the present,  that's all that matters. Learn to accept and let go of goals that don't really matter, and focus on the ones that do. Pick the things you really care about, pick the things you want to achieve. 
          Learn to smile, no matter how unfairly life treats you. Even if someone hurts you, you can still move on happily. Do not let circumstances affect your thinking and way of life, but you must be the one to control those actions. So, Live and act according to what your heart tells you. Do not rush, but slowly enjoy the happy moments that life brings.
          The present is the nurturing land so the souls know how to love, and feel, but the truth is that happiness can start from anywhere. Every person in the commune has different circumstances, but all of you are similar in that one main point is your life through your choices. Happiness, comfortable or suffering, worry is the result of your choice.  
          In short, born in this world, no one can choose where you go, you can't choose who your parents are. But when you are in this world, you all have the choice yourself how to live, accept or try to change the available conditions to make a different life according to your wishes. The choice is yours, what you choose, decide to follow a certain path and you must be responsible for those choices.
          Never say that you were born with what is already available, just live like that, live without giving you the choice of a happy or miserable life:
          - How can anyone be born that can choose for themselves family, parents, and the best conditions to live?
          Just Like the seeds, you scatter on the ground, it doesn't have a chance to choose where to sprout, but it has the choice whether its roots go deep into the ground or spread across the shallows. If it is afraid of pain, afraid of struggling, refuses to put its root deep in the ground, when the storm comes, it can be knocked down at any time.
          Humans are the same, you can't choose who your parents are, and you can't choose the place or country where you are born, because of the karma you created in your previous life. But now that you are present in this world, you know your friends, teachers, etc. You have the right to choose your way of life, your negative or positive attitude, active or passive. It is the way you choose to live your life that determines your life now and in the futurẹ. So don't even think that you can't change your life. It's entirely up to you whether you want to or not.
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