By Nhất Quán
Transforming difficulty say for enough the sentence is:
Transforming difficulty becomes luck, peace, and joy.
The question is the difficulties come from where?
Things make your body and mind not peaceful that is the bad, superstitions, wrong view, etc. According to the people on this world call, this is the difficulty, but according to the Buddhism call, this is a no-good element. You want to your body and mind peaceful and happiness you must:
Transforming from bad become good
Transforming foolish become enlightenment
Transforming cruel become tolerance
Transforming wrong become correct
Transforming evil become gentle
Convert difficulties into happy luck...
The reason for saying transforming without saying the correction, because the word of transforming implies inner meaning rather than external. Transforming from a bad idea becomes a good idea. Therefore in Buddha house saying transforming the karma does not say fixing the karma   
In life, people always face suffering. When suffering is present, either you have to endure and collapse, or you will strive to find a way to transform, overcome and stand up where you have fallen. Only wise and determined people can do this and once you do, you know how to use suffering as a material to build a happy and peaceful life.
Be aware that, no matter how big or small if a short time everyone can tolerate it, but if a long time, no one can stand it. Indeed, as you were carrying a small backpack on your shoulders when you first carry it seem to nothing or just the ability to endure. But the same luggage on your shoulders is carried in a long way, then you feel it become heavier. This is the most vivid lesson for you to know how to transform the pain and unintended in the daily everyday life. If the sooner you are aware and let the suffering down sooner, you will not have heavily, unpleasant and pain earlier.   
Therefore, if you know the place and know-how to put the luggage down without having to carry it all the way for a long time, your shoulders do not have to be a serious pain. If you do not realize in time but have to carry the load of luggage on your shoulders from day to day on the long journey, you will suffer immensely, eventually, you will bring the disasters to yourselves.
In life, people always face suffering, not in one location or another, not in one form or in another. When the suffering is present either you have to endure and collapse, or you will try to find a way to transform, forcefully stand up where you just fell. Perhaps none of us want to suffer, so the only way to survive and live is to stand up. But the way you stand up how less scratched and minimize pain is an art that sometimes for the entire life you have not been able to study and practice for mastery    
The reason you do not or have not found a suitable place to put a bundle of suffering luggage on shoulders down, because the suffering is overflowing, you keep seeing people and things that cause you suffering, so you difficult ignore and forgive. A true seemingly absurd is that you yourself can cause the suffering for your body, nobody else. Other people, if any, can not create that much suffering for you.
Indeed, anyone who insulted you, they only hurt you once. Instead of suffering once, your mind keeps that feeling in your heart forever, so those unpleasant words keep ringing in your ears seem to knife hit and the salt pour in your heart. Every time you recall that every time your mind swirls of ignorance dust that fills the mind, Thus, if it is not you, then no one can make you suffer.
When you identify yourself as the culprit who ruined the health, spirit, and well-being of yourself, you can more effectively transform suffering, because now you are in full control. To solve the problem, It is important to determine where the problem really is. Once you perpetrators have been identified, getting caught and dealing with criminals is no longer difficult.
Every people has their own way of embracing and transforming suffering. The most basic principle is that you and calm and objective yourself and those related to the suffering presenting in you. Do not too stressful, do not discourage, but create a balance in your mind to consider the problem thoroughly and having way the most effective solution. The first thing you need to do is to pay attention to what is happening in your mind, and how does that make you feel?
If you respond according to you have, what will be the consequences for you and the people involved? At that time what do you gain or lose? What your relative or the surrounding of you gain or lose if you act in this direction? 
Are there any other safer transforming pathways?
Such a question should be asked, and when there are appropriate and reasonable answers, then you take action.
When you have had such thoughts, I believe that you have enough time to regain balance, when you have completed the answers to question related to the difficult problem you are facing. Certainly, the transforming path will appear in front of you.  
This time or another time, you must embrace the baggage of suffering as an obvious fact of your life. The important thing is you just hold it in the shortest time and quickly find a way and a place to put the suffering luggage on your shoulders down so that your body does not tired.
Sometimes you find life complicated, too heavy, and recounting days, months of happiness and lightness are not much. Usually when you are sad, what do you sad about, who do you sad about? You sad life when life is not a dream usually happens not as you want! Sad when a person betray, heartless, lacking in love and pragmatic.
If you are sad for life, then whining, blame, miserable ... It is really a waste of time and effort of a lifetime. If you can spend the time of a lifetime to a sad life, it will not solve anything. Regardless of life, you still have to live, so you should not choose such a miserable way of life.
If you are blame people, so everywhere you see all unpleasant people, do not respect each other, selfish, lack of honesty, greedy, etc. When you have been in an uncomfortable mood and often reproach then go around the world, you can not find peace, even small, though short. 
There was a Buddhist layman when he came to temple to worship Buddha he says to me:
- Venerable sir, I have been to the United State for 15 years, my job has changed at least 10 times. This year I am 65 years old, I realize my life is not so lucky, more miserable than happiness and often face the circumstance displease and against heart, sometimes I want to die.
I, venerable Thich Dong Trung heard so, and give to him an advised:
- As a Buddhist layman, you should believe the Causal Law or Cause and Effect, the reason you are suffering from bad luck is that in the past life you were do not accumulate the merit or you did but very little while you create too many unwholesome karma. Therefore if you want to transform the difficulties, you must try to do a lot of good, and you should not think the negative such as.
Besides, there are many people aware of karma and because of the desire to transform karma, they go to the temple to pray the blessings of the Boddhisattva, Buddha. They offered one but they want to enjoy merit up to ten. They also work hard to do many other good works, but their inner greed and selfishness remains intact. For them, They doing good deeds just because they want good retribution for themselves, not true love for people. If such as so, they have built the blessing castle on the sand, because it does not come from a pure interior at all. According to the Causal Law, of course, they will meet good luck in the next life, but inner them the greedy, selfish nature remains and this selfish greedy nature will motivate them to do other unwholesome deeds.    
So, Cultivating the mind or Transforming inwardly is trying to eliminate greed, hatred, and ignorance, etc. Because the true nature of humans is the desire to eat, drink, wear, long-living, money, fame, benefit, and so on, etc. I say this may be frustrating for you, but to alleviate unwholesome deeds, I should note that what is not your, should not take it. As just now, there was a Buddhist layman who come to Temple to worship for the full moon of January, because she realizes that she did not dare to bring the objects bought from the market into the temple so she left them in the corridor. But after attending the ceremony, she finds down someone took it away.
As well as, the vegetable, beans of the temple are also left in the corridor for freshening, to prepare the meal for the Senior Nutrition Program is also usually lost. 
Psychological people, once someone touches a little bit of pride is crazy and whenever you see what you can use it, you want to take it. This is the general mood of the human being because of greed, hatred, and delusion, which has been ingrained in our subconscious mind for so many generations. Therefore inner transformation is to have the courage to gradually give up greed, jealousy so that the mind is clear. Once the mind is clear, the mind and body become pure and of course, the karma will end.
The Buddha taught the cause of all suffering is ignorance, and craving, or in other words, greed, hatred, and ignorance are the source of all disputes, unjust adversities and then bring to the anxiety and dissatisfaction. The practical inner transformation path is that you must know how to keep yourself according to the precepts, concentration, wisdom so that you can eradicate the craving, hatred, and delusion then your life will be free liberated because the precept will break greed, the concentrate will break the hatred, and the wisdom will break the ignorance.
The ultimate goal of Buddhism is to help sentient beings rescue completely and permanently from suffering by eliminating defilements, the most basic of which is greed, anger, and delusion or can call is ignorance. In order to eradicate roots of ignorance, you must develop your intellect, because only the light of wisdom will have enough power to erase the darkness of delusion. 
You should remember, not every human being has a body is must suffering, but suffering is because you mistakenly close your eye and run according to your own prejudice or opinion. Therefore the right view of Buddha helps humans to right see, right understanding and what Buddha house call as shown, and from there, it forms the basis for intellectual development.
Indeed, seeing is right, the flow of thought is bright and clear, therefore you should right carefully because the thought will turn into the words. Be careful with what you say, because words like an arrow shot away and can not take it back. Please act carefully with your actions, because actions will into habits, practice temperament. And finally, that habit is your personality. Your life is elegant, gentle or stormy, unsteady all because of your personality or lifestyle. In other words, also because of ignorance, unknowing, you mistakenly rely on your body, mouth, and mind to create good or bad karma, and from which your fate will be driven by karma.
The Buddha taught that:
Nothing in life is scary or difficult, once we really understand it.
Therefore, Buddhism is a religion that does not make self miserable, does not make people miserable, but want to success, then you must return to live with human moral, that is, try to abandon craving, and abandon unwholesome dharmas.
The principle of Buddhism is to help sentient beings get rid of all consequences of affliction, suffering, in order to have a life peace, joy, freedom, that want to reach to this ultimate goal is the sentient being must know how to let go. Therefore in the Majjhima Nikaya, the Buddha summed up the core of Buddhism in a brief sentence:
- Do not cling into anythings
And the Diamond Sutra says that:
- When the mind does not cling to anything, then the mind of liberation is from that
In addition, in order to be fully transformed inside, you must first destroy your ego. In the Nikaya Sutra, Buddha taught that, once you have self-realization, then when you work for the benefit of others, you do it with a carefree mind, non-cling mind. That is when you do the wholesome, you do not think about your own benefit but focus on the benefit for the sentient being, so that good deeds will bring about much later result. Therefore, you should do the merit with selflessness, that is doing a good deed without taking any merit to yourself or towards others, then the causal law will not only compensate you for many blessing in this life or after-life but also give to you noble personality, and pure mind to continue to enjoy merit and to do the good deeds.
So, transforming karma is trying to liberation the vile selfish ego, in order to have a moral life to forget give up for self, to forget yourself to live fully for everyone around you. Altruistic life is considered one of the most beautiful virtues of man. Even if you have not yet realized the true state of selflessness, that is you no longer accepting the self and the mine, but in every second, minute, every mind you know how to give up your benefit in order to take care of for the benefit of everyone, then the self is gradually being destroyed
Have you ever calmed down, dared to look at yourself and feel sad for yourself?
If not yet, train yourself to get used to this. This is a skill that is not easy and required serious practice and regular of a mature and mature thinker. Only when you equip yourself with this skill can you change yourself, change the circumstances, change the way of communication, life will surely become softer, happier and most important is more peaceful and freer.
You can change, adjust and renew yourself if you are unhappy with what you have thought, judged, acted and behaved in your past relationships. If you blame life, life can not love you but change according to your wishes. If you blame people, cold people do not care about your emotions. Therefore, blame life or blame people who are all useless work. 
Therefore, when something goes wrong, the only thing you need to do is be calm, and be the arbiter to see the problem. If the problem lies with the person and the circumstance out there, it is not too important, because of it out there, if you do not allow, do not graciously invite it to enter your mind, nobody, no circumstance can have can disturb your mind. 
Remember, you have the right to open either close your mind. If that is the noble guest which is nice words or good ideas, good advice, sincere sharing, understanding, and love, etc... then you open the door to welcome your hearts. And If those are bad friends who do not invite them, that are detractors, unspeakable grudges, petty selfishness, miserable things, unworthy compliments ... then you have the right, and you should be strong boldly close the fasteners so your is safe and healthy.
However, most of the problem is yourself, not in other people, not in the circumstance. Often, you think you are a victim, but when you look deeply, you are the author of the pain and suffering you take for yourself. 
Remember, what you do is your own choice, it should not blame others, such as previous relationships, work, home economics, an argument, etc. You, yourself on one else, you should take full responsivity for each of your decisions and choices. Therefore, do not blame life, do not blame life, do not blame people nor need to blame yourself, but boldly make true remarks about yourself to prove that you have grown up.  
Need to overcome the common psychology of ordinary people which is to look at other people's faults and hide your faults as Buddha taught:
- Recognizing and accepting you are clumsy, and wrongly then you can begin to improve and perfectly improve.
This means that life begins to be more fun with accepting yourself is not perfect yet, ready for the new and better every day. Make your mistakes bright, please let the past make you better.
Calmly, righteousness and insight are all the characteristics of mindfulness. So, it is the best stop the unwholesome action transforms the evil in you.
In short, in order to have a light and relaxed life, you should find any way to transform the negative emotion as soon as possible, do not pent up them to form the toxic tumor in mind. Being so, you do not need to carry the burdens in your mind. Buddha taught us to release the negative energy by an alternative method or by transformation
- Replace or transform the blame, anger, dissatisfaction, boredom with the sympathy, tolerance, forgiveness, and love.
In order to do so, you need to deeply understand people, problem, and the situation related to your annoyance thoroughly with a fair, objective, and inclusive view. Then, if anyone has put a little more luggage on the shoulder will not make you buckled because you know how to remove the feelings of insecurity to leave safely. 
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