By Nhat Quan
Each of you's life still has many dreams, many aspirations, and every day you are constantly trying and making efforts to fulfill those things. For example, have you wanted to:
- Have plenty of money,
- Travel around the world,
- Become a celebrity,
- Act like Superman,
- Be forever young and never get old...
These wishes are because no one taxes, no one bans, no one sees, but whether it is true to your own reality or not, only you will understand. So, above all, you yourself must understand:
- In life, people need to know how to dream, but that dream must be consistent with their own abilities.
Because there are dreams that will forever be just an illusion if you can't achieve them with your ability. Because.
- The desire is too high, not realizing the dream will lead to unhappiness.
But living without a dream, always satisfied with reality, is also prone to stagnation and backwardness. Should know, personal dreams and aspirations are also a driving force for development and creativity. So you need to have a concept, a life attitude suitable for each individual, each situation. You do not rely on dreams to live, but you only rely on wishes to try, to make efforts, to make them come true. Because wishes are only in the subconscious, in unrealized plans, and actions. When you fall into a state of living by wishes, you yourself will fall into an illusion, not trying, just immersed in those dreams. When you live only on desires, you will stagnate and inhibit your own growth. So you need to know how to get rid of your desires to make all your dreams come true.
What you yourself can do, how can you turn your dreams into reality, how can you become a useful person? So what can be said in a nutshell is how capable you are. When you can do something for sure, you should do it and have the confidence to do it. These are the people who know how to live and dare to live and do.
If you have a dream of becoming a future Buddha, what you can do now is to try and practice. At that time you prepare yourself to be able to endure hardship, have a strong will to practice for a long time and be able to love people as your own children. If you see all of that, then keep trying and working hard to achieve it:
1- Like parents, hope you are loved, and respected by your children and grandchildren! Or you want your loving parents to care, and your neighbors to respect you.
  To do that, you have to have a heart for each other…
  2- I hope that you have and enjoy the items such as clothes, alms food, a sitting bed, and medicinal herbs!
To get such items, you have to work hard….
3- I hope that your blood relatives, when they die, always think of you with joy….
If you want to be like that, now you have to treat each other to please….
4- May everyone control happiness and unhappiness, not happiness and unhappiness conquer everyone. May people control terror and fear, not terror and fear control people?
In order to do so, everyone should practice the conduct of knowing enough for happiness and always strive to overcome and overcome all the fluctuations that make people afraid.
5- I hope that, according to their will, there will be no difficulties, no fatigue, and no waste of energy, everyone will practice smoothly, belong to the higher mind, and now live happily!
To do so, everyone must sow goodness
6- There are realms of peaceful liberation, transcending the Form Realm, belonging to the Formless Realm.
Hope everyone can feel the body and live peacefully in that realm!
To be like that, everyone must keep the precepts perfectly, be persistent, have a calm heart, not interrupt spiritual practice, be successful in contemplation of conduct, and like to live in quiet abodes.
When life is full of precepts and virtues, living protectively with the protection of oneself, full of majesty, righteous conduct. Seeing the danger in minor faults, righteously received and studied the precepts.
Remember, the things you want are dreams, aspirations, and desires. What you can do is within your power. Thus, the venerable virtues advise you to choose a realistic way of life, to avoid falling into fantasies that are beyond your ability.
And as I said once, a wish is just a wish, if you insist on living your desire without understanding that it is not suitable, it will gradually lead to disastrous consequences such as being delusional, far from reality. You do useless things, without results, but also waste time and effort. Then when you realize what you have done and where you are going, you will fall into depression, a lack of faith in life, in yourself, just like the old saying:
- Climb high fall hurt.
But if you are sober, know what you do well, and pursue them to the end, you will get good results, and easy to achieve success. Thereby giving you psychological comfort, confidence, and strength to promote that capacity, contributing to society and the community. In today's life, there are many people who do not see things, so they are always worried about running east and west, without legitimate aspirations for themselves, no matter how long they practice, there will be no sure results. So in life, you must have a dream, even if it's just a small dream.
Even so, you cannot deny the important role of legitimate dreams. Because it will help you get excited and determined to rise, create motivation to encourage your spirit to practice and work and help you reach the seemingly impossible things! That's why there is a saying in the world:
- Nothing is difficult, just afraid that your heart won't last long.
So you have to wisely combine your dreams with what you can to develop yourself. Combining your dreams and abilities properly is a sign of a smart person knowing the amount of intelligence. Therefore, wishing as a positive life motto brings joy and faith to you.
In short, life is always a puzzle, many colors come together, whichever piece you like, whatever color you choose, just choose that color. When you find the key to enter that door, it proves that you understand that you need to live according to your ability, on your own adaptation to be able to realize the dreams you are yearning for.
Relying on the will and energy to touch your dreams day by day means that you are living what you can to make the future brighter and full of love.
Especially for cultivators, this is what you should realize in order to live a beautiful, righteous life and live more usefully for this society.
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