By Nhat Quan
Almost all of you want to have peace of mind in your life. Everyone wants to be happy to forget the difficulties, hardships, and worries. And enjoy moments of inner peace and freedom from worries.
To be like that, you must first identify what the Pure Body and Mind is like:
- Is it that the mind must not be delusional, and the body must be righteous?
That's right, a pure mind is a mind that is free of delusions. But if your mind is not of delusions, what are you still practicing for?
Here you must know that, when the Buddha talks about the pure mind, it means to reveal the true mind and Buddha nature in each of you, not to talk about your delusional mind, crazy attachments, birth, and death.
Therefore, when you generate the mind to recite Buddha's name, meditate, and walk in meditation..., you have generated a spiritual life source from your true mind, your Buddha nature. Because only the Buddha mind, the Buddha nature, can you generate the mind that wants to recite the Buddha's name, meditate, and walk in meditation. As for the mind of delusions and wrongdoings, the tendency to enjoy the five types of sex is not capable of generating the wish to recite the Buddha's name and seek rebirth in Ultimate Bliss. When you realize this, all that remains is to practice diligently, until one-pointedness is undisturbed, which is the most excellent way for you to realize your own Amitabha self-nature.
It is a state of stillness, and inner peace, along with a sense of freedom in the body. Once there are no thoughts and worries there is no sorrow, stress, and fear. Moments like these are not uncommon. And you experience these moments, for example, when you are focused on some interesting work or activity that you love such as:
- When you watch a good episode or an interesting TV show. Or when you read a good book…
- Or when you meditate or recite Buddha's name, walking in meditation. At this time, your soul becomes more calm because more or less no thoughts and worries. Other similar activities can also help clear your mind of thoughts and worries. That will bring a few brief moments of peace of mind and body.
Thus, in order to keep your body and mind pure, you must first be pure in your thoughts, and know how to fight against external temptations so that your body and mind are always free and clear. The reason you need to keep your mind clear is because clarity of mind makes it easier for you to recognize and fulfill the meaning of life in all aspects of this life, and at the same time to be able to look into a better future. future, in the next life.
So, if you want to keep your body and mind pure, what do you need to do?
According to Venerable One's instructions, in order to keep your body and mind pure, you must practice a few principles:
1- Reduce the amount of time that you read the news in the newspaper and watch the news on TV.
2- Stay away from negative conversations and boring cynical people.
3- Don't hold grudges for long, but learn to let go and forgive as soon as possible. Because harboring hatred and resentment will harm you and cause insomnia.
4- Do not be jealous of others. Because jealousy means you lower your self-esteem and this will cause a lack of inner peace.
5- Accept what you cannot change. This helps you save time and energy because of worries, suffering, and depression.
6- Every day you have to face many unpleasant things, frustrations… So you have to learn to get used to these things and accept them happily.
7- Learn to have more patience and tolerance for people in all situations.
8- Let the past pass. Forget the past and focus on the present moment. There's no need to conjure up unpleasant memories and bury yourself in them.
9- Learn how to chant sutras, recite Buddha's name, meditate, walk in meditation... Just three or five minutes a day will do.
In the end, you have inner peace, a healthy body that exists outside.
As a Buddhist, you already know how to turn to the Buddhadharma, you should strengthen your beliefs and remind each other about the principle of impermanence to study diligently together, to be worthy of being a disciple of the Buddha.
Remember, your spiritual life needs to be nourished by the teachings of the Buddha. Now, Venerable One has built a monastery for you, the rest is for you to try to learn, and remind each other that: A person with a pure mind and body, that person has the benefits as follows:
- To be able to see the Realm of the Buddhas, to be with the saints forever, that is the happiness that human beings always yearn for.
- Know how to open your heart to accept everyone, and know how to care for others. This is the type of person society needs.
People with a pure mind and body easily recognize what the Buddhas want and are ready to commit themselves to practice. In order for you to keep up the spirit of practice, the venerable ones also encourage you to regularly remember two things:
1- Praying for Buddha's Protection: Because you are a being with many karmic obstacles, you must ask the Buddhas for help.
2- Your own efforts:
* Live in moderation, stay away from sinful things such as: Don't listen to bad things, don't watch unhealthy movies and books.
* Live disciplined, dress modestly, and politely.
* Read healthy books, study hard, and work diligently to avoid being idle or playing with bad friends.
In order to easily recognize the deep intentions of the Buddhas and promptly transform deep and thick karmic obstacles, you must first have a pure mind and body. But to have a pure mind and body, you must be grateful to the Buddhas, and have the courage to stay away from what is harmful to your soul. And always make a vow:
- May the Buddhas help me to keep my mind always as pure as the water from the source so that I will be with the Buddhas. I pray to the Buddha to have mercy on me.
Having a pure mind and body, not only improves your own but also sharing and helping your loved ones and those around you. Or at least you live without harming society, not hurting your loved ones.
A person who has a pure body and mind is a person of virtue, morality, and a person who has thoughts and the ability to help others. Capable of being a refuge for others, and at the same time developing good relationships with others.
In the mind of every Buddhist, the Buddha is the ultimate, dignified, pure... So many of you think that you are lowly yourself, not daring to dream or not to be close to him and dare not:
- Bowing to Buddha or reciting Buddha's name,
Because you are always afraid of your body and mind being unclean, having mixed thoughts, and not being pure, so you don't dare to recite Buddha's name, meditate, walk in meditation... So whenever you hear someone advise you to develop mindfulness, your heart is very happy, but your mind is afraid because you think you are not pure. This is a state of mind caused by reverence for the Buddha's teachings that is reticent, not yet committed to practice.
Thinking the same way, some of you still think that when you come to a dignified, sacred, and pure place, you must be like this, must be like that, while you yourself are not like that, so you are afraid not to dare to come. Moreover, every time you have the opportunity to go to the temple to pray to the Buddha, you are always reminded:
- Go to the main hall, body and mind must be pure
- Must use the pure mind to come to Buddha
As once said, actually these are just reminders for the custom, moreover, this also means that when entering the main hall, there must be drop out things right and wrong on the street ..... The truth is because the body and mind of You are not pure yet, so You come to the temple to practice. But when the body and mind are pure, there is no need to go to the temple or the ashram to recite the Buddha's name, to meditate, to walk...
However, due to an unconscious thought, you misunderstand, then let your life go. In the end, you have to go through countless kalpas in the cycle of birth and death. From clinging to the crazy mind that thinks it's your true mind, it gives birth to low self-esteem, guilt, and even conceit... until you turn your head and look back, you'll see that you're an ordinary person, create more unwholesome karma than good virtue. Insecurity, affliction, and obscurations are more than pure and lucid.
Currently, you Buddhists have a deep and thick faith and aspiration, you should earnestly practice diligently, in order to remove the dirt in your mind so that you gradually return to your good nature, suchness, and your Buddha nature. You practice so that the inherent goodness arises and sublimates so that the Buddha nature which is usually daily becomes more and more clear. Of course, then, the crazy delusions will no longer exist, the body will be safe, and over time it will also fade away according to your practice life.
For those who study Buddhism, the most important thing is to cultivate a pure mind. The mind is really pure, your luminosity is golden, and the golden color will be bright. In a pure mind, evil will not be able to commit. Pure Mind The Devil Don't Dare To Come To Disturb. You yourself are full of merit and wisdom and have the Buddhas to protect you, and good gods to bless. On the path of cultivating the Bodhisattva path, you will definitely have smooth sailing.
Currently, society is not good, there are many ghosts and demons, often inciting young monks and nuns not at the temple to go out to do nails, do hair, and take care to make money .... Buddhists who have a mind to practice leave monks and nuns, leave pagodas...
Once, a Buddhist called me and asked:
- Do you believe in psychics?
That Buddhist also said that my temple has five spirits, the psychic said that the Abbot must worship the dead for liberation, then the monks and nuns will be able to stay in my temple.
I say:
- I know, spirits, I pray every day. But it is not true that Buddhists say that there are five dead souls, but these are the five types of living ghosts:
* Ghosts hate monks and nuns
* Jealous Ghosts
* The soul can't eat, break it for the foul
* The spirit wants to be the controller of monks and nuns
* The ghost is afraid of shame and smears others
Those are the five types of living ghosts, You should feed it, whatever it says you will say yes, whatever it wants, you will let it be.
In order to keep your body and mind pure, you have to know how to calm your body and mind. Then you must:
- First of all, don't listen to foolish suggestions,
- Second, although you have sutras and chants in your home and worship Buddha, that is not enough, you must believe deeply in Buddhism without doubting, then you will naturally stay away from ghosts and demons. Even though you practice, you still have doubts, ghosts and demons will not be afraid of you.
Remember, when there is a Buddha image in the house, you must sincerely practice to be inspired. If a thought is pure, it will immediately be touched by the way of communication. If there is a Buddha image in the house, whether it is effective or not, you must see if your mind is sincere or not. You have to really believe in the Buddha, really believe in the Dharma, then it will work.
In short, In order to have a pure body and mind, you not only necessary to practice some principles related to daily life but also to have the ideal of reaching a higher and more worthy life. dignity as a human being, dignity as a child of Buddha. Pure living is the positive aspect of pure body and mind. Therefore, in addition to avoiding wrong, deviant, and nefarious views accompanied by lust, viewing, reading bad publications, and vulgar language, Buddhists must respect the happiness of yourself and the well-being of others.
And also remember, when your mind is a little impure, the devil will enter your body, because now your body corresponds to them.  If you are a real practitioner, these ghosts and demons not only dare not come to disturb you, on the contrary, they must be very respectful to you. Even if it doesn't come to protect you, stay away, and don't make fun of you because you are a true practitioner. In addition, when you practice and study properly, you will be protected by the three generations of Buddhas in the ten directions, protected by all dharma protectors and good gods, this is a certain principle.
And as a person who really cultivates, becomes more and more simple, and ordinary, and can't find anything special. In contrast, people with unusual language and behavior, often spreading bizarre news, are all problem people. Every day you see ghosts, see Buddhas, see certain realms ..., self-identify you are a talented person, then you must consider this type of person with problems. You should especially take note. Whereas a person with genuine practice, pure body and mind, everything is very simple, clear, and light like the breeze, the clouds in the sky.
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