By Nhat Quan
A person who cultivates nine lives ascends
This word in the sentence:
- A person who practices Buddhism for nine lives ascends
But if I say enough, this statement is often accompanied by another sentence:
- One life without cultivation, ten thousand lifetimes of suffering
One person who practices the Way will be super-elevated for nine generations
However, the article:
- A person who cultivates the Way for nine generations is super ascended
So for the time being, I don't mention other details, but only focus on the sentence:
- A person who cultivates the Way for nine generations is super ascended
The word nine generations is the meaning going through nine or many other lives in succession. This saying implies if every life in the family has a monk or nun, more or less can inspire other relatives to also develop the mind to cultivate. That is, a cultivator is liberated, it has a strong impact, awakening many people in other relatives to move towards the morality of doing good and avoiding evil.
Like Shakyamuni Buddha is a typical example. He spent many lifetimes as a monk, and for every life he made a vow to practice, his relatives would follow him. Until after he became a Buddha, his relatives who had a predestined relationship with him in the past also developed a mind to follow him, and all of them were present in his sermons. And these people, practicing cultivation, are all liberated.
So, the word super ascension here is not about Ultimate Bliss or enjoying the Nirvana realm. The point here is that, if there is a monastic person in the family lineage who truly practices, then he can save, or convert, other relatives. It means that the people in the family will develop the mind to cultivate, and so on, from one life to the next, it will be like that for many generations.
Some people do not understand the meaning of the sentence correctly, so they think that this statement goes against the law of cause and effect of Buddhism. If only one person cultivates and everyone else in the family is able to return to Ultimate Bliss or rest in Nirvana, then the law of cause and effect no longer exists.
As you know, according to the Buddha's Law of Cause and Effect, in this world, whatever cause you sow, you will reap. If you study, you will be smart, if you practice, you will achieve the right results, there is no way that you eat but others are full! Is it possible that parents do not practice, while their children practice and their parents benefit from it, it is not right. So if you rush to believe the above statement, it turns out that you do not understand cause and effect. But if the above statement is a false statement, it cannot exist and be repeated to this day.
Indeed, this saying exists to this day, not without reason. So you have to understand, the word super ascension means to go beyond the unwholesome mind to become the good mind. To be more specific is to overcome the mortal mind that causes evil karma, to turn it into a holy and gentle mind.
From this tendency, you should encourage yourself to become a monk, and you should also be very happy when you see parents, children, relatives, and relatives who have become monks. That joyful action is clearly expressed as encouraging children and relatives to leave home. Support for cultivation and study, etc. Those actions are commendable. But you should not be dependent on yourself, but must diligently practice self-realization to be able to ascend.
So the saying:
- A person who cultivates the Way, and has ascended through nine generations is real.
Like Prince Siddhartha, after becoming a Buddha, he returned to the royal palace to save his father's king, his body was loved by his country, and then he went to Traiyastrimsa-deva to preach the Dharma to save his mother. After that, everyone who has attained the three sages and four saints will be liberated.
Again, venerable Mahamaudgalyayana, after attaining enlightenment, went to hell to offer rice to his mother, and thanks to the merits of making offerings to the monks, his mother was made a hundred-year-old Brahma, and then continued to practice liberation. Those are events that are recorded in history books.
In terms of theory and human perspective, all people born in this world have a relationship with each other. Due to the same debt, the same karma, and the same conditions, you were born as a relative. Looking further, many lives, many lives, all species are relatives and relatives with each other. It is due to samsaric attachment. The bond of attachment is tied tightly and then passed on from generation to generation. Now, if you want to get rid of it, the only way to get rid of it is to get rid of love karma, that is, cut off cravings, give up your loved ones, leave your parents and relatives, and become a Buddhist monk.
          That is said in terms of form, but if you want to make the practice final, your mind must be decisive, by practicing how to make the mind pure, how to practice until attaining it. Only then will the sea of love dry up, and bad karma will leave. Once attained, the chain of love karma destroys, wrongs, and love for many lifetimes is no longer there. Therefore, the nine life relationships no longer have the conditions to cling to and rely on for rebirth. Therefore, if a loved one has just passed away, within 49 days, while waiting for fixed karma in reincarnation, seeing that the relative has a noble spirit and develops a spiritual practice, you must also pray wholeheartedly for them to increase energy. Because when relatives cultivate higher, the nine generations of relationships also follow that gently. When the relatives become enlightened, one is to cut off the ropes of craving, and at that time, the soul of the relatives of nine generations is also awake and practicing. Therefore, one person is liberated, and nine generations of family relations are liberated. As for the cultivator, then the mind is also quiet. Therefore, it is no longer seen that this is a relative, that is a relative. So for cultivators, all relatives have ascended. Understandably, it's all kinship. It turned out that all have Buddha nature, so there is no longer a relationship between nine lives, a cycle of depression, and a sea of suffering, so that is the case with the nine lives of transcendence, and it is also true to the sentence that ordinary people say:
- One tree blooms and ten thousand trees are fragrant.
Understanding that, you will see the sentence:
- A person who has practiced religion for nine generations has a super ascended family line, and cause and effect are not at odds with each other.
Because human beings are born with cause and effect. Now, when you practice, your loving-kindness is no longer there, so the results of craving are no longer there. Therefore, if the relatives of many lifetimes are no more, the cause of the cycle of rebirth is also lost, so there is no longer a chance to arise and reincarnate. In the end, the cause is no longer, the effect is no longer, the relationship of nine life is not, and the loved ones are also lost. If the Dharma Realm is not, then there's nothing to get lost or liberated.
Moreover, the meaning of the saying: A person who practices the Way for nine generations will be super-elevated is the intention of the Buddhas, the Patriarchs recommend that you develop the mind to practice for your parents, in the path of samsara. Practice liberation to repay the one who was born and nurtured in this life and in the past, not saying it out so that you can rely on and advise others to practice, while you create karma forever. Thus, it is not possible to be liberated, nor can it be transcended.
Just as the Buddha is an Enlightened One, has generous supernatural powers, yet he cannot save his parents directly. He only went to Traiyastrimsa-deva to preach the Dharma to his mother, Ma Gia, to become a monk, and returned to the royal city to persuade her father, King Suddhodana, so that his father could develop the mind to cultivate the path of liberation. Mahamaudgalyayana with the first miracle, brought a bowl of rice for his mother, the rice still turned into fire, had to rely on the power of the monks, and had to make alms to change his mother's stingy mind.
Then, Suddhodana, Queen Maya, and The mother of Maugalyayana were liberated by following the encouragement of the Buddhas and Saint Sangha and then putting off their stingy, shoddy, attachments to the pure end. So your destiny as a child must try to practice liberation so that your parents can rely on your spiritual strength to be super-elevated. As for parents, they both advise their children to practice and practice wholeheartedly themselves. If that's the case, then it's true that a cultivator, nine generations of related relatives, can be super-elevated. If so, then you are a person who understands the Way and is no longer confused about cause and effect.
In short, the saying:
- One person practices religion, then nine generations of relatives, the family is super-elevated
This is not a mere statement, to encourage you to practice, but a self-evident action with real results. Understanding this, you yourself must strive to practice, and at the same time, you should encourage your children, relatives, and friends to practice. With that, the ropes of attachment and samsara will no longer exist, and all will ascend.
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